Pork Meatloaf Recipe

Weeknight cooking is much easier with this quick pork meatloaf recipe!
Next time you have ground meat, try making a meatloaf instead of meatballs. It’s easy! This pork meatloaf recipe can be a go-to for weeknight cooking. Plus, you can use meatloaf leftovers on almost anything: in sandwiches, in pasta, and on salads.  ...

Meatloaf Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Use leftover meatloaf to make a tasty shepherd's pie.
Shepherd's pie is a casserole dish where meat, usually lamb, pork, or beef, is topped with fluffy mashed potatoes. This shepherd's pie recipe uses leftover meatloaf for a quick and easy dinner recipe. ...

Everlasting (Marikina-style Meatloaf) Recipe

This Filipino-style meatloaf is a must-try!
Served during special occasions, this Marikina-style meatloaf is made with pork, hard-boiled eggs, red bell pepper strips, and chorizo and is usually shaped using a llanera (oval baking pan).  ...

Chicken and Beef Meatloaf Recipe

Nothing beats homemade meatloaf!
Meatloaf is one of the best comfort food meals out there. It's simple and easy to put together, and not a lot of effort is required when it comes to cooking it. Try using a mix of beef and leaner meat, like ...

These Embutido Recipes Are The Meatiest, Tastiest Meals You'll Ever Make

These meaty recipes showcase how flavorful and versatile embutido is.
An embutido, or embotido, is usually found on the buffet table at Christmas but there is nothing that says we can't have it at any other time of the year. Embutido is really just a combination of ground meat, seasonings, some vegetables if desired, and an egg ...

WATCH: This Is The Cheesy Embutido You've Been Looking For

Cheese makes this Pinoy classic better.
You just upgraded your embutido recipe when you put this much cheese into each roll. It's the cheesy meaty roll that satisfies everyone's love for something meaty, cheesy, and delicious.There is no such thing as too much cheese, especially if you love ...

Fish Embotido Recipe

This easy embotido is made with flaky fish.
Flaky fish fillets such as the cream dory make cooking dishes like this easy embotido recipe a joy to make. It's easier to make and it's just as delicious, too.  ...
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