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This Underrated, Delicious Garlic Noodles Is What You Need For Noche Buena

Plus, it's now available in party trays!
For those who frequently indulge themselves with Bun Appetit's famous lobster, crab, or shrimp rolls, you are most likely familiar with another Bun Appetit all-time favorite, the Garlic Noodles. For Bun Appetit newbies, ordering any of the rolls is a must but one ...

This Juicy Lechon With Crispy Skin Is What Your Noche Buena Spread Needs

Try pairing it with wine.
The Crispchon is considered to be one of Mesa’s best-selling dishes and it’s easy to understand why: every Pinoy loves juicy lechon, especially when the skin is golden brown and crunchy. Mesa's Crispchon ticks both of those boxes. Although Mesa has the Crispchon ...

Where To Order Lechon For Noche Buena In Metro Manila

'Tis the season to pig out!
Christmas is the season to finally slow down and catch up with your friends and family over a delicious feast. When it comes to any Filipino handaan or salu-salo, it is the lechon makes everything extra special. It’s the dish every Filipino will ...

Last Minute Dishes to Make For New Year

Don't fret, these recipes are made with easy-to-find ingredients.
Time flies so fast which explains why you might find yourself suddenly unready for Media Noche.Don’t fret, don’t stress—we’ve got your back. We have easy recipes with ingredients you already have or can easily find. Take your pick from this list of recipes ...
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