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WATCH: Easy + Satisfying Snacks To Whip Up

Satisfy your craving with these homemade snacks.
There are just some snacks that are worth making at home! These are the ones we think are made even better when it's homemade. You can load these up with as much or as little as you want or have available and you can ...

Quarantine Merienda Ideas: Easy Pinoy Recipes To Try At Home

No need to rethink your afternoon snack!
Don't dismiss the importance of the merienda or afternoon meal! Hunger can strike at any time so when it's during those hours in between breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can turn to these easy merienda recipes that you can make in minutes.   If you ...

Sandwich Ideas You Didn't Think To Try

Make your sandwich extra exciting.
Sandwiches are not just for merienda. In fact, sandwiches can be a meal in itself. Don't let sandwiches become just a snack. Make "real meals" out of them! Here are some sandwich combinations for a unique bread experience that's more than just a ...

Make Merienda With These Easy Palaman Recipes

You don't need much time to make these delicious spreads.
Palaman or sandwich spreads are not meant to be hard to make! In fact, sandwich spreads are mostly no-cook recipes since the meats are either already cooked or canned and ready to eat. From canned tuna to leftover roasted chicken that you either slice or shred, ...

Merienda Is Doubly Delicious With These Bite-Sized Snacks

These snacks may be small in size but are big in flavor.
Merienda is typically the meal that tides you over before dinner. It’s usually something small that while it isn't too filling that you can’t eat dinner later in the evening, it is filling enough that you won’t be starving when dinner finally ...

WATCH: How To Make Corn Dogs

These hotdogs are encased in a corn muffin-like batter. What's not to love?
If you love waffle dogs, you'll love these corn dogs more. Imagine a corn muffin wrapped around your favorite hotdog—you know it's a match made in heaven. Best part is, you don't need any special equipment to make these. All you need are ...

WATCH: How To Cook Lumpiang Hubad

You have all the delicious ingredients that make a fresh lumpia in this dish!
Love the medley of vegetables and the garlicky sauce of lumpiang hubad? Former Yummy magazine associate editor Idge Mendiola shares this family recipe for this ingredient-packed lumpiang hubad. The list of ingredients results in a dish that is flavorful, hearty, meaty, fresh, and totally ...

5 Snacks for an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

This fun mix of sweet and savory snacks will definitely bring back that spring in your step!
Today, we are stopping you mid-yawn from your afternoon slump because we’ve rounded up some fun ideas to beat the urge to sleep the rest of the day off. Need to bring back that extra spring in your step? These quick and ...

Minatamis na Saging Recipe (Banana with Caramel Sauce)

One of the easiest Filipino desserts you can whip up!
This Filipino dessert is made of bananas, caramel sauce and served with crushed ice. It's one of the easiest desserts you can whip up! ...
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