WATCH: How To Cook Tsokolate Biko

Also known as bibingkang malagkit, this biko is made more special cooked with tablea. 

WATCH: How to Make Rainbow Puto

Inject your puto with color and cheer with this rainbow-inspired version.

WATCH: How to Make Brown Sugar Puto

Have you tried this puto version yet?

WATCH: How to Make Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

These are fun and easy to make!

WATCH: How to Make Ginataang Mais

Have a bowl of this sweet Filipino snack!

WATCH: How to Make Mamon (Sponge Cake)

Every bite of mamon is soft and fluffy!

WATCH: How to Make Kamote Cue

This popular Filipino snack is quick and easy to make!

WATCH: Things You Should Know About Suman

Here are quick facts about the delightful Filipino delicacy: suman.
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