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How To Easily Roast Garlic In The Microwave

This is the quick hack you've been waiting for.
Roasted garlic is a delicious pairing to many dishes. These roasted heads of garlic transform the sharp, raw bite of garlic into morsels that taste and feel like butter but with the milder taste of cooked garlic. You can easily mash these onto toast for garlic bread, stir the ...

Did You Know You Could "Fry" Garlic In The Microwave?

This is a super-fast hack!
Cooking garlic bits until it's golden brown and crispy is usually what you do for garlic fried rice, garlic shrimps in pasta, and even topping simple garlic noodles when hunger strikes at midnight. Making crispy garlic bits is best done in oil over the stove but if ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using A Microwave Oven

This kitchen appliance can dish out super fast recipes if you know how to use it right.
Using the microwave oven is the smart way to easily soften butter, gently melt chocolate, reheat leftovers without drying it out, and it's faster than a kettle in heating water to boiling.           The microwave however can be used for more ...

Did You Know You Could "Cook" Pasta In The Microwave?

This microwave cooking hack will save you time.
Cooking pasta takes longer than you or even recipes will say it will take. That's because most recipes assume that you already have a pot of water already simmering away when you start your recipe. Did you know that bringing a pot of ...

You Can Microwave Instead Of Boiling Eggs! Here's How To Do It Safely

You can poach and hard boil eggs in the microwave!
Anyone who has ever had problems cooking a hard-boiled egg on the stovetop will be delighted to know that you can do it in the microwave. The microwave oven is fast and easy to use compared to the stove and while it is the faster kitchen ...

Lazy To Cook? You Can Shop This Microwave Rice Cooker at Landers

Yes, you can cook rice using your microwave!
Now that you're at home every day, you may be getting overwhelmed by the amount of food you have to cook each week since restaurants aren't as accessible as they used to be. We also wouldn't suggest ordering food every day just ...

KITCHEN TRICKS: How To Microwave Food Without Drying It Out

Microwaves are super useful so this is how to use it right.
The microwave is a fantastic kitchen appliance. It can do so many things! It's usually used to melt butter and chocolate, boil water for hot drinks, and even cook your vegetables until each floret is a beautiful bright green in a matter of a few ...

5 Amazing Recipes You Can Make in a Mug

Our recipes are all easy-peasy!
While cooking shouldn’t be difficult, it isn’t always easy without all the right equipment. Not everyone has easy access to an oven, and even using a stove can be a bit of a stretch for some. Most people do, however, have microwave ...

This New Kitchen Line Will Make Microwave Cooking Easier

You can now prepare poached eggs, pasta, and more!
For those who turn to the microwave once in awhile, cooking just became easier! According to, kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph is out to improve microwave cooking by providing tools that can help you prepare poached eggs, pasta, steamed veggies, and more ...
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