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This Soft Serve Is Made With HawHaw Candy!

Tastes like childhood.
This year, there has been a resurgence of ‘90s candies reinvented into different desserts. We were graced with White Rabbit-flavored soft serve and Choc Nut spread. The recent addition to this sweet trip down memory lane is HawHaw-flavored soft serve from The Lost ...

These Are All the Different Kinds of Pastillas

There’s actually more than one kind!
Pastillas traces back its origins to San Miguel, Bulacan where it began as a homemade milk soft candy in homes of farmers tending to cows. Pastillas de leche as its name implies is made with cow’s or carabao’s milk mixed with sugar and sometimes ...

Sweet Desserts You Can Find In A Japanese Grocery!

Add these to your cart ASAP!
It’s always tempting to take go inside a specialty grocery, especially Asian groceries. You can find a wide selection of Samyang paste or kimchi in large containers at Korean groceries, while you can find bottles of hard-to-find spices in Indian groceries–but what can ...
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