Chocoholics, Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Bars Are Now Available Here!

Time to stock up!
One of the best parts of going out of the country is looking for snacks and chocolates that you can't find in Manila. The downside, however, is you can't easily restock your favorite finds. If you've ever felt that way about Cadbury Dairy ...

Iced Chocolate Malted Milk Recipe

Sip this chocolate milk drink on a hot day!
Try this chocolate drink recipe: Nothing beats a tall glass of iced chocolate malted milk on a warm day. ...

Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate: What Is the Difference?

This sweet treat makes it hard to not polish off a whole bar in one sitting!
Ah, chocolate—rich, decadent, and always mouth-watering.While snacking on a bar may just be all about your flavor preference, cooking and baking with chocolate requires a little more knowledge on your ingredients’ composition and proportions. Know the difference between dark, milk, and white chocolate ...
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