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Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Is Now Available In The Philippines

We'll take two Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream, please!
Just when we thought we’ve already curbed our milk tea obsession, here comes a new way of consuming everyone’s favorite boba drink! Famous for their Brown Sugar milk tea, Tiger Sugar just released their sumptuous drink in a sinfully sweet ice cream version! And the ...

Yes, A Brown Sugar Milk Tea Ice Cream Exists!

We can't wait until this is available in our supermarkets!
Ever since Tiger Sugar stepped foot in the Philippines, the love and appreciation for brown sugar milk tea have been thriving. Even milk tea spots that didn't traditionally serve brown sugar drinks jumped on the bandwagon.But Taiwan is operating on another level ...

You Can Now Have Milk Tea in Ice Cream Form

New ice cream flavors are in!
PSA: Carmen’s Best Ice Cream has re-introduced two flavors than encapsulate the comfort of sipping into cups of our favorite drinks—for both tea- and coffee-lovers alike.Their Milk Tea ice cream flavor is reminiscent of earthy, silky-smooth, and creamy milk tea, while their ...
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