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Got Knives? Here Are Safe And Pretty Storage Ideas For Your Knife Collection 

Keep them organized!
Check your kitchen and see if you have more than one knife. If you do, you need a place to safely store it. You cannot store a knife with other cutlery and kitchen utensils because of that sharp edge! You not only want to ...

WATCH: How To Make Better Embutido

Make the best embutido for your Christmas feast!
If the Americans have their meatloaf, the Filipinos have the embutido. Yes, the embutido is very much like the meatloaf. Both dishes are composed of ground meat seasoned, cooked, and then sliced when ready to serve.The big difference is really what goes into ...

Here Are Fried Rice Tips You Should Use For Your Next Meal

Your favorite fried rice recipe can be made better.
It's amazing how a flavorful fried rice can make a meal more satisfying. It's one of the dishes you most likely eat every day. This is the sinangag or garlic fried rice you cooked and served with your beef tapa, tocino, or dating ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using Condensed Milk

This is a sticky, sweet, and super delicious can of milk!
Sweet, sticky, and creamy, sweetened condensed milk is one of our favorite kitchen staples. This is not just an ingredient for leche flan. This is also the ingredient that gives your sweet-style spaghetti and your Vietnamese coffee its sweetness and the essential ingredient in pastillas, ...

You Can Make Easy Whipped Cream With These 3 Ingredients

No whipped cream? Use this easy hack to make it from scratch.
Whipping cream is one of those ingredients that is not a kitchen ingredient staple. While it's available, it costs more than the all-purpose cream that is more widely available. However, all-purpose cream doesn't whip as light and fluffy as you would wish it would ...

WATCH: How To Make Sprite Pork Adobo

Make your adobo a little sweet yet incredibly tasty!
 When you think of Filipino adobo, the most common way of making this classic stew is with the usual ingredients: soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, laurel leaves, and black pepper. The meat is marinated in this flavorful mixture before being cooked. The amount of vinegar is ...

Out Of Evap? Here's How To Make An Easy Substitute

If even the sari-sari store is out, get this instead!
Evaporated milk is an essential ingredient to leche flan, cheese puto, and other creamy kakanin recipes you want to make at home. It's this demand that can make it run out at your local supermarket or even your sari-sari store! If you ever have ...

Here Are The Tips To Using An Oven Toaster vs. Traditional Oven

Using an oven toaster is different from using a traditional oven.
There is a difference when using an oven toaster and a traditional oven. The oven toaster was originally just a small oven with fewer simpler functions. The oven toaster was meant to be the uncomplicated way of getting toast made every morning. A regular toaster or ...

This Is The Brownie Baking Tip You Need To Know

The perfect brownies have a shiny, crinkly, almost flakey top.
Brownies are decadent squares of an intense chocolate-flavored dessert. These soft, almost gooey cookie bars with the crunchy tops are the perfect snack when you have chocolate cravings.   If you have ever made brownies at home and discovered that you somehow have not achieved brownie perfection, there's ...

Everything You Need to Know About Cooking With Canned Tuna

You can cook almost anything with it.
If there is one canned meat that may be the most versatile, the canned tuna is it. Tuna is a super meaty canned fish. It comes in flakes, chunks, and solid pieces of the fish. The flavors range from the plain cooked tuna to the ...

You Only Need 3 Ingredients To Make These Condensed Milk Candies

These are a popular treat from Brazil.
Do you love candy? Whether it's made of chocolate, milk, or fruit, you can satisfy cravings if you have the ingredients to make some delicious homemade candy.There are great homemade candies you can make at home! However, if you love milky pastillas de leche ...

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Canned Goods

Just one canned food can make a meal better.
Did you know that we can thank Napoleon Bonaparte for the invention of canned food? Back in 1795 during the French Revolutionary Wars, the French Army was said to have offered a huge monetary reward to anyone who could store food safely. Before food was canned, ...
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