You Can Now Buy Crispy Pata For Noche Buena At This Convenience Store

Small budget? No problem!
When it comes to ordering crispy pata in Metro Manila, one does not usually think that a convenience store will have it, not until today. Ministop is here to change that now that they’re offering new Christmas handaan favorites, like the crispy pata.Ministop’s ...

This Pork Pochero Rice Bowl Is Only 55 Pesos!

Need a quick and affordable meal?
Have you ever tried pochero before? If you need a refresher, Pochero is a sweet Filipino stew is made with tomatoes, saba, bok choy, and your choice of meat. There are actually two kinds of pochero—Visayas and Tagalog (there's a lot of differences), but ...

You Can Find Tacloban's Chocolatey Suman In This Convenience Store

Have you heard of a kakanin called moron?
For those who have set foot in Tacloban, you have probably tried moron, a native delicacy commonly found in this province. It's similar to suman, but the malagkit is cooked in coconut milk, sugar, and mixed with cocoa, then wrapped in banana leaves. When you unwrap ...

These New Ministop Chicken Flavors Are A Game-Changer!

These new flavors will spice up your fried chicken day.
There are always going to be different opinions about which fried chicken is the best in the Philippines. One thing is for sure though, Ministop Philippines’ Uncle John’s fried chicken is one tasty chicken that Filipinos love to eat. Why? It’s affordable, ...

Baon Equation: Make Baon With These Convenience Store Finds For Less Than P100

There's no need to sacrifice your taste buds!
For those days you're running low on cash, you can thank the heavens for dependable convenience stores that have our back. We checked out 7-11, Ministop, and Family Mart for combos you can pull off with a smile on your face all ...

Spicy Ministop Fried Chicken Exists and We're Here for It

You're welcome.
Just when you think Ministop's cult-favorite fried chicken couldn't get any better, they decide to spice things up, literally. Your favorite Uncle John's Fried Chicken now comes in Spicy, and we know you're gonna need more than one cup of rice!Uncle John's Spicy ...
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