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This Hershey's-Flavored Soft Serve Is Only 18 Pesos!

You can add sprinkles to this chocolatey frozen dessert.
Hershey’s chocolate needs no introduction, whether you’re a chocoholic or not. If this was your favorite milk chocolate bar when you were a kid and is still one of your favorites until now, then you should definitely try Ministop’s latest MySundae Hershey’s.Ministop’s ...

Ministop Now Delivers Their Fried Chicken

One more excuse not to leave the house!
While first and foremost a convenience store, Ministop has gained a cult following for their irresistibly crispy fried chicken. If you can't stop hankering for their chicken, getting your fix is now even easier: Ministop now delivers their fried chicken through GrabFood.Aside ...

These New Ministop Chicken Flavors Are A Game-Changer!

These new flavors will spice up your fried chicken day.
There are always going to be different opinions about which fried chicken is the best in the Philippines. One thing is for sure though, Ministop Philippines’ Uncle John’s fried chicken is one tasty chicken that Filipinos love to eat. Why? It’s affordable, ...
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