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How To Cook Tender Monggo For Any Recipe

This step-by-step process of how to cook monggo beans is easy!
Monggo or mung beans is a staple in most Pinoy households. This legume is the main ingredient in the munggong guisado recipe.It's actually easy to cook monggo but it does take time. One of the most-asked questions about monggo is if you need to soak these beans. ...

Ginataang Monggo With Langka Recipe

Ginataang lankga just got better mixed with ginisang monggo.
The usual monggo stew you love having every Friday just got better. This ginataang monggo recipe is not your usual. It is not sweetened. The only sweetness is from the coconut so this is really a savory dish that you will want to serve with your favorite ...

All The Other Ways You Can Cook Monggo

The humble mung beans or monggo is the star of these tasty and hearty recipes.
There is more to monggo than the ginisang monggo recipes you love. Monggo, or mung beans, is a hearty bean that is commonly available, and yet, many of us do not use it for more than the typical soupy monggo recipe that we commonly eat every ...
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