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This Unique Hot Chocolate Is Made Healthier With Malunggay

Welcome the rainy season with a cup of healthy hot chocolate.
The rainy season is here and there’s no better way to spend a rainy day than cozying up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. If you’re looking for a unique and healthy take on delicious hot chocolate, you’ll enjoy this ...

Malunggay and Corn Soup with Egg Recipe

This easy recipe is made more appetizing with egg.
Malunggay and corn soup isn't a new idea. It's actually one of the simplest ways of making soup! It's basically just four ingredients: malunggay, corn, an onion, and chicken broth. A little oil gently heats up the ingredients, and salt and pepper to boost the ...

Ginataang Kalabasa at Malunggay Recipe

This squash in coconut cream is a side dish that's hearty enough to be your ulam.
This side dish is a creamy, chunky, and incredibly delicious served as the side dish of your favorite fried food. Made with squash and moringa leaves simmered in coconut cream, we think this is hearty enough that it anyone who loves vegetables will happily ...

WATCH: How to Make Malunggay Pandesal

Use this recipe to make this nutrient-packed pandesal.
Have you tried malunggay pandesal? Malunggay leaves (moringa) is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium—making it a super-healthy ingredient that's usually used in soupy dishes and stews. You can also add malunggay leaves to homemade pandesal. These soft buns are ...

WATCH: How to Make Corn and Malunggay Soup

Good-for-you malunggay is a healthy addition to this simple corn soup!
This easy-to-make corn soup is healthy and comforting. Malunggay leaves make it a healthier option.5 cups water3 pieces white corn, gratedpepper1 medium red onion, sliced2 bunches malunggay leaves (moringa)salt, to taste1 In a medium-sized pan, heat water until it simmers.2 Add the ...
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