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Add to Cart: Starbucks Tumblers Are Finally Available Online

Their online shop has exclusive merch you won't find in stores!
We found out in mid-November that Starbucks would soon make their coveted collections of merchandise available online and we've been waiting in anticipation every day since for the chance to hit "add to cart." Well, better ready your online wallets, because Starbucks is now ...

Here's Where You Can Get Cute Tableware for as Low as P90

ICYMI, Invitation House has a homeware line!
We know you can't get enough of plates, bowls, and other kinds of tableware especially when they come in cute or minimalist designs. If you're still deep into your platita phase, here's something you'll want to check out: Invitation House launched a ...

Here's Where You Can Score Instant Noodles-Themed Bowls and Mugs

Perfect for fans of instant noodles.
You'll probably agree with us when we say that there's something about a warm cup of instant noodles that's so comforting. In case you're a fan of cup noodles, here's something you'll want to check out: Local Instagram shop Cupboard Concepts has ...

You Can Get This Stylish Six-Piece Mug Set For Just P1,295

We're obsessed with the minimalist design!
If you're looking for cute coffee cups that won't break the bank, we listed down some shops to check out for affordable mugs. Mugs are not only handy items to have for everyday use, but they're also lots of fun to collect, especially ...

Here's Where You Can Shop Minimalist Tableware For As Low As P160

They'll elevate your food photos!
If you're a lot like us, you probably have an obsession with #aesthetic tableware. Whether it's pretty plates or cute cups, you'll hit "add to cart" in lightning speed whenever you spot something that will make your food pics look better. So, ...

LIST: Where To Shop Cute Mugs For Less Than P500

Time to start a mug collection!
If you're a morning person, then we bet one of your favorite parts of the day is having your first cup of coffee or tea. Early in the a.m. when the sun is barely up, the air still chilly ,and the house silent, ...

This Local IG Shop Has The Cutest Mugs And Tea Sets

You'll want to start a collection!
With the weather in Manila slowly creeping into a colder, gloomier season, a steaming hot cup of your fave breakfast drink whether coffee, tea, or hot chocolate will sound more and more appealing as the days go by. To make the drink ...

You Can Find These Kitchen Items At Robinsons Department Store + Have It Delivered

You can have it delivered to your home via Lazada.
Are you itching to buy new kitchen items during quarantine? Good news: Robinsons Department Store is now open and has these essential items for your kitchen which may be delivered to your home via Lazada. You can use the Robinsons Department Store page on the ...

This Six-Piece Dinnerware Set Is Only P388!

Need new plates and bowls?
When was the last time you added new plates to your kitchen? If you’re looking to replace old, worn-out plates and bowls with something new, we found an affordable dinnerware set that won’t cost you more than P500. We found Better Homes ...

8 Coffee Mugs For Your Every Mood

Does your kitchen cupboard have space for just one more mug?
Coffee mugs easily fall under the "last minute holiday gift idea" category and it's probable that your kitchen cupboard is already overflowing with countless mugs you've received over the years. What if people gave mugs that matched our many moods so we ...
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