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PSA: This Multi-Functional Kitchen Appliance Is Now On Sale!

This multi-cooker can cook, bake, and steam.
Are you cooking and baking more often since the quarantine? For those looking to purchase a kitchen appliance but don't have enough kitchen space to work with, you should consider buying a multi-functional kitchen appliance! Luckily, Sharp’s Multi-cooker is on sale at Abenson—which ...

This Kitchen Appliance Is An Air Fryer And Pressure Cooker In One!

Meet your new best friend in the kitchen.
A common kitchen appliance dilemma is whether to buy an air fryer or an oven. While there are certain pros and cons to each appliance, there are also appliances that can function as both or even more. Still, if you already have an oven ...

This Multifunctional Kitchen Appliance Is A Microwave Oven And Air Fryer!

This 4-in-1 kitchen appliance is also a grill and a convection oven!
Are you thinking of buying an air fryer anytime soon? If you have limited kitchen space, you should definitely consider a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can do more cooking than just air fry. Meet our recent kitchen appliance discovery: Hanabishi’s new Digital ...
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