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This Peach-Colored 3-in-1 Oven Can Fit Even In The Smallest Of Kitchens

Looking for a small and pretty kitchen appliance?
Most kitchen appliances come in a plain stainless steel body or coated in safer colors like black, white, and sometimes, red—but who wouldn't love kitchen appliances in eye-catching colors? Functional and pretty? Yes, please! If you’re looking for a pastel-colored oven that will ...

This Oven + Air Fryer Got Sold Out During The 11.11 Sale!

But don't worry, this kitchen appliance is now open for pre-order.
What were the things you checked out from your cart when the clock struck midnight last November 11? One of the items people had in their cart was Oster's 5-in-1 Oven with Air Fryer. The demand for it was so high that it got sold out ...

This Samsung Appliance Can Both Bake And Air Fry!

Hurry, buy this 6-in-1 kitchen appliance while it's still on sale!
Gone are the days of picking between an oven and an air fryer, especially now that there are existing kitchen appliances that can bake and air fry, and sometimes even more. Case in point: Samsung's 32-Liter Microwave Smart Oven.This Samsung kitchen appliance ...
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