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The Secret Ingredient Swap To Make Your Desserts Less Sweet

You'll get even more flavor, too!
Sugar plays a big role in your desserts. It not only offers sweetness, but it also gives moisture and stability to your baked goods. That's because sugar is a wet ingredient, not a dry ingredient. For example, if you remove the sugar in a chocolate ...

WATCH: Milk Tea + Pancakes Is The Breakfast You've Been Waiting For

Milk tea fix during breakfast? Game!
We know how much you love milk tea, so we thought it was high time someone made it into a flavor that could be served at any time of the day. After all, coffee drinkers get their fix from coffee-flavored dishes, so why not ...

WATCH: This Puto Is Made Better With Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado sugar elevates an ordinary puto into a puto that's definitely more tasty.
Muscovado sugar has a wonderfully warm flavor that plain sugar doesn't have. Upgrade your ordinary white puto with this puto recipe made with natural brown sugar. Here are more puto recipes:  ...

WATCH: You Can Make Delicious Brown Sugar Milk Tea Drink At Home

Make this homemade version of the popular milk tea drink!
We get it. The brown sugar milk tea is a delicious drink that is sweeping the metro by storm. Dare to hack your way to making your own brown sugar milk tea at home? This version is just as delicious! The key to the ...

WATCH: How to Make Butterscotch Brownies

Treat yourself to a batch of these buttery and rich butterscotch brownies.
Buttery with rich dark caramel notes from the muscovado sugar?this is what distinguishes these fudgy squares from its cousins.TIP: Too dark? Swap regular brown sugar for the muscovado.Takes 30 minutes Makes 16 squares1/2 cup butter1 cup muscovado sugar 1 large egg 1 ...

WATCH: How to Make Food for the Gods

Dates and walnuts make this popular Filipino holiday dessert recipe rich and delicious!
At its most basic, it's a brownie recipe. Just like any brownie, this baked dessert is chewy, moist, and instead of being just a chocolate bar cookie, it's a butterscotch version that is instead studded with sweet and tender dates and bitter, nutty walnuts. ...

Muscovado Mini Puto Recipe

The white puto gets a boost of color and flavor from muscovado sugar.
The white puto gets a boost of color and flavor from muscovado sugar. ...
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