Find yourself sampling a wide range of vegetarian dishes from different Asian countries
If I am to choose just one favorite vegetarian dish from Longrain’s menu, I’d be torn between the Monggo with Malunggay and the Vegetable Samosa. The monggo is a hearty soup, and thick in consistency unlike how it is commonly served in ...

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You know you’re in for a special dinner when you dine atop a building that overlooks the city.

How to Line Cocktail Glasses with Sugar

Make your own margarita at home. Start by doing this.
This trick might be useful when you mix Asian Mojito or Strawberry-Balsamic Cooler.Photography by David Hanson │ Text, Research, and Demonstration by Cheers Vazquez ...

Stovetop Mac and Three-Cheese Recipe

This make-ahead classic can be your go-to dish for those sudden cheesy cravings.
This comfort food classic mac and cheese recipe is great as leftovers to eat late at night, as "fast" food when you suddenly have company for dinner, and as your go-to dish when you’re feeling slightly decadent. ...

Garbanzo Salad

Not your usual salad: garbanzo salad tossed with herbs.
Ideally, make this salad in the morning if you want to serve it for dinner. The sitting time allows the lemon, oil, herbs and spices to blend into the chickpeas. ...

Gado Gado Salad

A light salad to balance a heavy meal.
Taken from the traditional Indonesian dish and simplified, this salad of mixed blanched vegetables gets its yummy factor from the satay sauce and whatever toppings you want to dress it up with. Suggested add-ons: sliced boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, fried crispy onions, ...
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