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This Online Shop Lets You Customize A Bilao With Kakanin And Other Pinoy Snacks

Perfect for your celebration at home.
No party or celebration is complete without some classic Filipino delicacies spread across the table for the whole family to share. Some of your favorites may include kakanin like puto, sapin-sapin, and palitaw, or perhaps pastries like bibingka and napoleones. If you're more into savory treats, ...

PSA: These Napoleones Are Available For Delivery!

They can also deliver Ube Pastillas cakes!
Finding delicious napoleones is already difficult to find in Manila even before the global pandemic happened, but thankfully there are a few shops that still make these pastries in Metro Manila. One of those shops is Cab Cafe, who can now deliver ...

PSA: You Can Now Get Napoleones From This Café In Alabang

Time to take that trip to the South.
Whenever someone goes to Bacolod, it is without fail that someone will ask to bring back a box of delicious napoleones for pasalubong. This sweet puff pastry, similar to a mille-feuille, is not as common in Metro Manila, but, thankfully, there are ...

Iloilo's Famous Creamhorns Are Now Available In Manila!

They have ube and pandan-flavored creamhorns!
Batchoy, Pancit Molo, and Biscocho–these are the different dishes and delicacies one should always experience when in Iloilo City. One of the delicacies that is probably missing on your list is Jaro, Iloilo’s famous creamhorns, which are puff pastry cones with sweet custard ...

Where To Buy Napoleones In Manila

You don't have to book a flight to Bacolod to satisfy your craving.
When in Bacolod, you should never miss grabbing a bite of their popular napoleones. For the uninitiated, napoleones is a sweet pastry inspired by France's mille-feuille, which translates to “a thousand leaves.”The napoleones is made with thin layers upon layers of flaky dough that cradles ...
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