OMG, The New Cinnabon Flavor Is Topped with KitKat!

It's available for a limited time only.
One can always rely on Cinnabon for freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Just the scent of these  cinnamon rolls is enough to make us crave for a roll. Their classic roll is made with a smooth, tender dough that's filled with Makara cinnamon, and then ...

This Buko Pandan Ice Cream With Cheese Bits Is Perfect For The Holidays!

You know you can’t resist buko pandan.
The holidays call for all our favorite festive desserts. If you love a classic buko pandan for dessert, you won’t be able to resist it in ice cream form. Nestle Temptations’ limited-edition Cheesy Buko Pandan and Caramel Apple Pie ice cream are ...

This New Nido-Flavored Soft Serve Will Be Available In This Cafe Soon!

Did you grow up with this milk brand?
Our childhood milk candies are making a comeback as new desserts! This year, HawHaw-flavored soft serve, Yakult-flavored soft serve, and White Rabbit-flavored ice cream excited the kid in us. The latest addition to this year’s sweet and milky dessert is Black Scoop Café’s Nido-flavored ...

Nestle Now Offers A Ready-To-Drink Delivery Subscription!

The best part? The tetra packs will be picked up for recycling.
Having an almost zero-waste, good-for-the-world sustainable lifestyle is not the easiet route. It takes a lot of effort. But there's good news for parents prepping baon or those who enjoy having milk and dairy products at home. Meet Nestle’s first ever Ready-To-Drink Subscription ...

'90s Kids, We Know Where You Can Get Nestle's Twin Pops!

How nostalgic!
Summer is the time to eat as many frozen desserts as you can, and no one will (or should) judge you. If you’re a '90s kid who frequented sari-sari stores or anticipated ice cream vendors to pass by your house, you are probably ...

This Chocolate Bar Has Cheesecake Flavors!

Hurry! These chocolate bars run out fast!
Are you a huge Kit Kat fan? Your chocolate breaks are going to be more exciting with Kit Kat Chunky’s new flavors, the New York Cheesecake and Hazelnut bars. Enjoy the nostalgic chocolatey flavor of Kit Kat combined with the decadence of the New York ...

Double Chocolate Bars

Chocoholics will go crazy over this fudgy, fluffy, nutty chocolate slice.
Chocoholics will go crazy over this fudgy, fluffy, nutty chocolate slice. ...

Sweetie Pie Recipe

This sweetie pie is loaded with chocolate, fruits, and lots of TLC!
Surprise your honeybunch with a Sweetie Pie that's loaded with chocolate, fruits, and TLC! Arrange cherry slices and chocolate pieces on top, followed by sweetened coconut flakes to resemble a pizza pie. Enjoy! ...
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