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Starting To Get Cabin Fever? These New Shows On Netflix Can Satisfy Your Travel + Food Cravings!

Add these shows to your Netflix to-watch list.
If you're starting to get cabin fever or if you need a social media break from all the COVID-19 news, you can take a break by watching these new-ish food shows on Netflix:David Chang is back again with another season of Ugly Delicious, an anthology of ...

This Curry Ramyun Is A Combination Of Japanese Curry And Ramen

This isn’t your typical ramen.
Japanese curry isn’t anywhere near as spicy as Indian or Thai curry, as the Japanese don’t use as many spices in the thick, sweet, and umami-packed sauce. As with most curries, the Japanese version pairs well with white rice, but it can ...

Meet Ben & Jerry's New Flavor: Netflix & Chill'd Ice Cream

Peanut butter fans, you should get your hands on this.
Binge-watching or catching up with your favorite movies and tv series on Netflix just doesn’t feel complete without snacks. But what if we tell you there’s Netflix-inspired ice cream? Meet Ben & Jerry’s new Netflix & Chill’d ice cream.Ben & Jerry’s Netflix ...

All Our Favorite Food Moments From Stranger Things Season 3

Did you spot the Eggos?
SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched Stranger Things Season 3, turn back now! These food scenes aren’t just tasty, they’re also big, juicy plot points.We don’t think we’ve ever craved for waffles so bad until we saw Eleven ravenously eating Eggos in ...

Cebu Lechon, Lumpia, And Other Dishes Shine In Netflix's New Series

It's available for streaming starting April 26.
Don't expect to see the usual ihaw, pork barbecue, and fish balls in Netflix's new series, Street Food. The series highlights Cebu and the dishes everyone should know about in the first season of a nine episode-series which explores street food culture of ...

Cebu Lechon Will Be Featured In A New Netflix Series!

Netflix and street food? Yes, please!
From the creators that brought us the captivating visuals and inspiring storytelling of Netflix's Chef’s Table, they are coming out with a new series, Street Food, that explores the streets of the world and the inspiring stories behind the food.For the first season, ...

These Food Shows Forever Changed My Relationship With Food

Why not bingewatch these shows for the holidays?
Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain enjoying a bottle of beer in Vietnam. Photo from Parts Unknown | Anthony Bourdain IMDBTo people who already love food and already watch cooking shows, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, and the Barefoot Contessa might probably be familiar names. These are ...

Yes, There's Such a Thing as Flavored Yakult

And more facts about the "Korean yogurt smoothie."
Peter Kavinsky may have lived his entire life without drinking a "Korean yogurt smoothie," but there's no mistaking the tiny hourglass-shaped plastic bottle and red foil cap of Yakult. According to Bloomberg, Yakult enjoyed a spike in "mention frequency" ever since To ...

Yakult Is Going Global Because Of A Netflix Movie

Have you seen the Netflix movie?
Yakult, a Japanese fermented skim milk drink, plays a significant role in Netflix's book adaptation of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. This teen romantic comedy film tells the adorable, supposedly-pretend love story of Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kravinsky. [Warning: Spoilers ahead!] Yakult makes ...

This New Netflix Show Will Have You Craving Cookies, Pies, and Pastries

It’s a feast for the dessert-lover’s senses.
“You’re going for a cookie for the indulgence," American pastry chef Christina Tosi opens the first few seconds of Chef’s Table: Pastry, Netflix’s newest documentary series which launches April 13. Amidst visions of cookie dough and other baking ingredients, we see the ...

Netflix Is Looking for Official Food Instagrammers

Do you have what it takes to be Netflix's next Official Food Instagrammer?
Instagram has, undoubtedly, changed the food scene for good. Who doesn’t open the app without being flooded by drool-worthy, #eeeeeats-filled feeds? Instagram is a goldmine for food business owners and food-lovers alike—and can, in today’s digital-driven times, provide you with a new ...
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