This Dessert Combines Sponge Cake And Japanese Cheesecake

This cake will melt in your mouth.
GOOD FOOD ALERT! There are only a few things that make sponge cake stand out–it has to be jiggly, fluffy, and moist. Sponge cake shops continue to open left and right, which makes it harder to find a remarkable and memorable sponge ...

'90s Kids, Are You Ready For Butter Ball-Flavored Soft Serve?

Top it with chocolate caramel popcorn!
Peter’s Butter Balls will always have a special place in every '90s kids heart who grew up spending loose change to buy a handful of these butterscotch candies. The Lost Bread takes us on another trip down memory lane, after their HawHaw and Chocnut ice ...

KFC's Fried Chicken Skin Now Come in a Bigger Bucket

'Cos we all know the skin is the best part.
If fried-chicken skin is life, we know you can't get enough of KFC's Original Recipe Cracklings. If one order is never enough, KFC has your back: They've just launched their new XL Original Recipe Cracklings (P99) which now come in at a ...

OMG, Wendy's New Burger Has Christmas Ham!

This makes us more excited for Christmas!
There's a Christmas ham in this Wendy's burger, and you'll love it! Introducing the Christmas Ham Bacon Mushroom Melt burger! It still has a juicy, flavorful grilled beef patty with melted American cheese, cheddar sauce, semi-crispy bacon, and slices of mushrooms sandwiched in ...

Love Korean Dessert? This Bon Chon and Happy Lemon Dessert Is For You!

Brown sugar milk tea fans will love this!
Bingsu, also called patbingsu, is a Korean shaved iced dessert commonly topped with fruits, syrup, red beans, and sweet milk or condensed milk. This summer dessert comes in different interesting flavors. Bon Chon and Happy Lemon recently collaborated to bring you a dreamy, icy ...

This New Limited-Edition Starbucks Drink Is Available Starting Today!

Happy Halloween!
October may be the second most wonderful time of the year yet, especially for Starbucks loyalists and enthusiasts who love matcha. It's the the return of a seasonal drink: the Franken Frappuccino (P165/tall, P180/grande, P195/venti).The seasonal drink makes a comeback on October 21 and this time, it's an upgraded Green ...
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