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S&R's New Pizza Is Topped With Mexican Quesadilla!

Here's something new to try for your next pizza party!
A quesadilla can be as simple as toasted flour tortilla filled with a gooey cheese filling. This Mexican dish is pretty versatile in such a way that you can add different delicious filling inside and it will likely taste good! If you love Mexican ...

New Grocery Items: Panda Express Orange Sauce, A&W Powdered Root Beer + More

Add these to your grocery list!
Does your merienda stash need some replenishing? If you're looking for items to add to your grocery list, here are some new merienda finds and ingredients worth trying!A&W’s root beer is one of the classics–the OG root beer, if you will but it's been ...

New Food Finds To Buy: Chicken Skin, Chips Ahoy! Cereal, and More

There's a lot to find at the groceries this week!
Are you looking for new food finds to add to your ever-growing list of delicious favorites? We listed new items from supermarkets, convenience stores, and online groceries that can likely be your new pantry staples for 2019 and beyond:Let’s admit it, if we ...

Food Finds: Super Strong Coffee, Pizza Potato Chips, and More!

Here's a quick peek at what we found in the supermarket this week.
1 Super Tuyo Recipe PackCook dinner in a flash: this ready-to-eat tuyo recipe pack can easily be mixed with cooked pasta. A meal in a flash!2 Tarall’oro Basil and Tomato FarfalleMake pasta more exciting with fun farfalle! With a hint of basil ...
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