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This Is How Long You Should Be Cooking Your Spaghetti + Other Pasta

Do you follow the pack or heed pro advice?
The trick to cooking dried pasta perfectly is really all about the timing. Timing is important when it comes to cooking pasta because this means the difference between al dente pasta, cooked-just-right pasta, and mushy pasta. For pasta, the moment you begin counting is ...

Decoding The Different Kinds of Canned Tuna

Do you know the difference between the different cans in the grocery?
These are many brands and variants of canned tuna in the stores. An entire shelf can be full of all the different kinds of canned tuna, so it can be overwhelming to see all that variety and not know the differences. Learn ...

This Is How You Cook Sago

It's easy using these simple steps.
Sago is not the same as the black pearls you love in your milk tea. The black pearls are actually made from tapioca or cassava starch. That's why these need to be cooked, usually in a brown sugar syrup until these are tender ...

Here's What You Can Do With Overripe Fruits

Don't judge a fruit by its skin.
Do you know when fruits are at its sweetest? The sweetest stage of fruits is when those fruits have blackened spots on its peel. There are a few things you can do with these overripe fruits, but if you're unprepared, the best way to ...

This Easy Hack Will Help You Make Fluffier Pancakes

These two tips may make the fluffiest pancakes you will ever make.
Pancakes are the breakfast plates we love to order when we want something sweet instead of savory for our morning meal.While we have boxed pancake mixes to help us through the recipe, if you need your pancake fix and don't have an instant pancake boxed ...

All The Ways You Can Upgrade Your Instant Pancit Canton

Hack your instant pancit canton noodles with these ideas!
The instant pancit canton is a revolutionary food item! Before this faux "stir-fried" instant noodles, all instant noodles were ramen. The pancit canton is a great innovation because it not only made making pancit canton easier and faster to make, but it also ...

4-Ingredient Kakanin Recipes New Cooks Should Try

These easy kakanin recipes will satisfy your rice cake cravings.
Newbie cooks don't have to be intimidated about making dessert. While there are many no-bake recipes that can satisfy your need for something sweet, we think you don't have to look too far from the ingredients you're comfortable working with to make something ...

How To Keep Track Of Your Food Supply In The Refrigerator

Make your grocery list do more.
One thing we can't afford right now is food waste. You can do your part in making sure that you don't attribute to food waste by not only using up ingredients but also using ingredients before it starts to go bad. How many times have ...

When To Use Foil When Cooking In A Toaster

Plus, do you know which side is up?
Aluminum foil is one of those kitchen items that you commonly use for wrapping up food. Foil is a great tool when you know how to use it. Did you know that there are two sides to aluminum foil? There is! There is the dull side ...

This Is How Your Induction Stove Ruins Your Pots And Pans

You need to invest in good cookware. Here's why.
Do you have an inductive stove? If you do, you know that you need special cookware for your special stove to work. How? You need pots and pans that have a magnetic bottom surface. The induction stove works with magnetism and it's the only way ...

Did You Know That Changing One Ingredient Turns Your Nilaga Into Bulalo?

One ingredient changes the dish!
Who doesn't want to sit down and have a hot and comforting soup? We sure do! Some think a hot bowl of soup is the perfect meal to eat at any time of the day. If you're looking for a bowl of beefy soup, are you looking for a ...
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