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This Bilao Of Fudgy Ube Puto Is Topped With Lots Of Melted Cheese

Best paired with a cup of coffee.
Before the height of the ube cheese quarantine food trend that started because of the ube cheese pandesal, there already existed other ube cheese-flavored desserts and snacks that you may have overlooked, like the classic ube cheese puto. If you’re looking for ...

Yes, You Can Have Kko Kko's Kimchi Delivered For P120!

You can make kimchi rice now!
You no longer have to go without your kimchi fix because Kko Kko can deliver packages of Mama Lee's Kimchi straight to your door! If you love kimchi rice, kimchi ramyun, or just plain kimchi in general, Kko Kko can have that delivered. These packages ...

All The Reasons Why Your Dalgona Coffee Is Failing

Three ingredients don't always mean easy.
Have you done the Dalgona coffee challenge? The Dalgona coffee trend is a whipped three-ingredient coffee topping that has become viral on Tiktok and then on YouTube. It's a Korean innovation that has both amazed and frustrated everyone who has tried to make the frothy toffee-hued ...

You Can Lend Your S&R Membership Card To Family Members During The Quarantine

Here are the requirements and new store rules.
Are you the designated grocery shopper in your household? If you are, you'll be glad to hear that you can use another family member's S&R membership card to make your grocery run! According to the Facebook post of S&R, anyone in your household can use the ...

WATCH: This is the New Ice Cream Concept You Should Try

Chill and just roll with Flow Ice Cream.
Flow Ice Cream brings the rolled ice cream concept that's popular in Thailand streets to Manila."It's really a very sensory experience", says Kyle Tan, one of the partners at Flow Ice Cream, as they chomp and smash their homemade ice cream mixture ...

Taste-Travel to Boracay with This Chori Burger Recipe

Here’s an easy chori burger recipe that you can make at home!
Summer isn't complete without a beach trip and beachside eats such as the Boracay-famous chori burger. But did you know that it's easy enough to make at home? Here's a tip: mix your pork with different kinds of seasonings, then add all-time ...

SHOP WITH YUMMY: Where Can I Buy Chia Seeds?

Know where to shop for this superfood in Manila!
These little guys are impressive: while they look like harmless micro dinosaur eggs (really—look closely!), chia seeds are power-packed with nutrients. According to nutritionist Kris Gunnars, they contain good amounts of fiber, protein, Omega-3s, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants. They are easy to ...
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