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WATCH: How To Make Spicy Nilaga Recipe

This simple beef soup is delicious when made spicy.
The nilagang baka recipe is one of the classic Filipino soups. It's a hearty mix of big beef chunks, big cubes of potatoes, cabbage quarters, and green string beans.    One easy tweak you can do that can instantly make it taste different is to make ...

Spicy Nilagang Baka Recipe

You don't need any condiments with this nilaga recipe!
The nilagang baka is one of those recipes that is a tried and tested classic dish. It's a favorite especially those who love sipping flavorful soups before getting down to the meat. Some eat it in bowls of rice swimming in the ...

Beefy Mushroom Nilaga Recipe

This boiled beef soup is made extra mouth-watering with dried mushrooms.
Nilagang baka is a homey and easy beef soup recipe. The classic beef nilaga recipe is a simple beef recipe made with beef chunks tenderized in water, potatoes, green beans, and cabbage. To amp up the overall flavor of the dish, especially the beef soup, dried shiitake mushrooms ...
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