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All The Refrigerator Cakes To Make This Christmas

Use different flavors to make these more delicious and appetizing.
Refrigerator cakes are known by many names. Some know it as "graham float", most commonly made with mangoes, cream, and graham crackers. Others across the ocean know it as "graham cake", "freezer cake", or the old-school name "icebox cake". (An icebox was what ...

No-Bake Choco Butternut Loaf Cake Recipe

This doughnut flavor is a hit as a cake, too.
Here’s my Choco Butternut Loaf Cake, inspired by Choco Butternut Donuts of Dunkin Donuts. It's a moist and soft chocolate cake covered in glaze and butternut coatings. ...

Steamed Orange Loaf Cake Recipe

You'll want to taste this sweet, citrusy flavor!
This low-carb, sugar-free, and guilt-free zesty orange loaf cake is topped with shelled cocoa sauce and sprinkled with crushed roasted almond nuts and fresh orange pulp. You'll surely enjoy this treat!For this recipe, you'll need to make the orange puree first. To ...

WATCH: This Is How You Level Up Your No-Bake Chocolate Cake

Your no-bake chocolate cake recipe just got tastier.
Have you tried to make our tried-and-tested steamed chocolate cake recipe? If you have, you know that it's one of our best chocolate cake recipes. This no-bake recipe results in a tender, moist, and super delicious chocolate cake that doesn't need to be baked!  Since this ...

WATCH: This Is The Easiest No-Bake Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

This no-bake cupcake recipe will be your favorite!
It's no secret anymore that there are some baking recipes don't need to be baked at all. These no-bake, steamed recipes are fantastic and easily made by almost anyone with a stove. Since it's steamed, there is little excuse for anyone to not be ...

No-Bake Orange Cake Recipe

This no-bake orange cake can be made in the steamer.
This no-bake orange cake can be made in the steamer.  It’s not orange juice that gives it a refreshing flavor; it’s the zest! Caramelize orange slices for the best flavor.  ...

No-Bake Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

These steamed, no-bake cupcakes remain soft and moist even when chilled.
You can make moist carrot cake without an oven! These no-bake carrot cupcakes stay moist and soft, and are delicious paired with rich and creamy cream cheese frosting.  ...

Tips to Perfecting This No-Bake Chocolate Cake

You can make a decadent chocolate cake without an oven.
The great thing about this steamed chocolate cake is that you can mix all the ingredients by hand, and you won’t have to go near an oven at all! It’s completely fuss-free and easy-to-make without compromising texture and taste. We have a killer ...

A Guide to Making Fast and Fuss-Free No-Bake Cakes

No-bake cakes and cheesecakes come together with very little effort!
No-bake dessert recipes are well-loved for a reason: they require few ingredients, minimal prep work, and still taste delicious. No-bake cheesecakes can be thick and luscious, and light and fluffy. Here are a few tips to making great no-bake cakes at home:1 ...

Make This No-Bake Chocolate Yema Cake on Your Stovetop

This decadent no-bake chocolate cake is moist and fudgy. Spread lots of creamy yema on top!
A no-bake chocolate yema cake is the kind of dessert that you can make with minimal effort, pantry staples, and limited time. The secret to getting a good rise on a cake without an oven? Use your steamer! Make the no-bake cake batter in one ...

Steamed Orange Chocolate Cake Recipe

Laced with a hint of citrus, this moist chocolate cake will surely make hearts go aflutter.
Laced with a hint of citrus, this moist chocolate cake recipe will surely make hearts go aflutter. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it even better. The best part? You don’t need an oven to make it. ...
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