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Pinoy Buko Salad Recipe

This classic fruit salad for Christmas is what you should serve for this season.
A classic buko salad recipe is what you should serve for Christmas. While the buffet table may have cakes of all types, there's always room for this easy, no-bake dessert this holiday. To make this buko salad even better than others like it, this version has fruit cocktail in it ...

My Lola's Hamoncito Was a Christmas Best Seller in Divisoria

My half-Chinese Lola came up with her bestselling "authentic" ham in just two days.
“Marunong ka ba gumawa ng hamoncito?” one of my Lola’s loyal customers, a suki, had asked one day. (Do you know how to cook Christmas ham?) It was in the '70s when my Lola was selling pork at Tabora Divisoria Wet Market. ...

WATCH: Wow Friends And Family With A Homemade Boneless Lechon This Christmas

This homemade pork belly recipe might be even better than any lechon you can buy.
There's no need to buy an entire lechon for a small party. Make this super easy recipe for pork belly boneless lechon, and enjoy the crispy skin, the succulent meat, and the savings! This easy lechon recipe may look like it took a lot ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Easy Recipe For Paella Negra For Noche Buena

The hardest part of this dish? Waiting for it to cook.
Paella is really just a fancy term for a rice dish made for a crowd. It's a celebratory dish, and this easy recipe for a Paella Negra is one you can certainly serve for a special occasion such as Noche Buena. The ingredients are ...

WATCH: These Glazes Will Make Your Christmas Ham Extra Delicious

Make the most flavorful ham this Christmas!
Christmas is not complete without ham! These three easy ham glaze recipes are what you need to make the most flavorful baked ham you could ever make. Pick your favorite according to what you want your ham to taste like: classic and tangy, ...

WATCH: You'll Want This Garlicky Buttered Chicken For Dinner

This roast chicken is infused with garlic and butter-basted as it roasts.
This roast chicken recipe is infused with garlic on two fronts: it's first rubbed all over with smashed garlic ensuring that it flavors the entire chicken and then it is roasted with an entire head of garlic with it. It is also flavored with butter ...

These Are The Flavored Leche Flans You Should Cook To Make Your Noche Buena Desserts More Interesting

Upgrade your leche flan game with one of these delicious variants.
Leche flans may just be the favorite dessert of the Pinoy. It's a luscious dessert that's incredibly creamy, is doused in a liquidy caramel syrup that has an undercurrent of bitterness to balance the sweet, and has just the right amount of ...

These Are The Cooking Tips You Need To Know To Put Together A Flavorful Christmas Dinner Menu

Here is how to put a menu together that will wow family and guests at your Noche Buena.
The first logical step to a fantastic and unforgettable Christmas dinner feast is the menu. Only when you know what you want will you know what you can actually make and prepare for it accordingly. You may have to hunt down ingredients ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make Creamy Lengua Recipe

Shiitake, oyster, and button mushrooms combine with cream to make an ultra creamy sauce for the beef tongue.
Greet the holidays with an extra creamy, mushroom-filled lengua dish. This beef tongue recipe is a classic recipe made even more delicious with the addition of more mushrooms into the sauce. We used shiitake, oyster, and button mushrooms for their earthy familiar flavors but if ...

This Is The Local + Easy Version Of The Spanish Paella That You Should Try

This easy paella version uses ingredients you can get at any supermarket or palengke.
Paella is a common enough dish in the Philippines that when it comes to celebrations and fiestas, so we are not surprised to see it on the buffet table. However, the ingredients that you need for traditional paella—the rice variety, the various seafood, the ...

WATCH: How to Make Beef Morcon

Serve this for the holidays!
Morcon is a Filipino-style beef roll perfect for big family feasts. Stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, sweet pickles, hotdog or chorizo slices, this beef dish is usually served at parties. Here's how to make it for your Christmas spread: Beef MorconPrep time 45 minutesCooking ...

These Are The Macaroni Salad Shortcuts You Need To Know

We’ve got 5 unique shortcuts you should try before time runs out and you’re left with a hungry crowd.
No Pinoy Christmas buffet is without a macaroni salad. It’s a timeless side dish that everyone expects to be on the table come dinner time. So for those moments when you don't have time to go all out, take note of these shortcuts ...

This Is One of Our Most Popular Dessert Recipes

It's perfect for the holidays!
This gelatin dessert easily brings on the good vibes—the bright rainbow colors of the gelatin squares are festive, fun, and taste like fruit-flavored candy. An easy hack to making this Filipino dessert favorite? You can use store-bought jelly instead of making multiple ...

Nut Rum Cake Recipe

Give your traditional pound cake extra flavors with cashew nuts and rum.
Give your traditional pound cake extra flavors with cashew nuts and rum. ...
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