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Crema de Fruta Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ang crema de fruta ay isang sikat na Filipino dessert.
Ang crema de fruta ay isang sikat na Filipino dessert na may tatlong layer: malambot na sponge cake, pinong custard, at matamis na gelatin. Madalas itong ihinahain bilang panghimagas sa noche buena, pero pwedeng-pwede mo itong gawin kahit kailan sa isang taon. ...

Christmas Hamoncito Recipe

This is a family recipe and the hamoncito used to be sold in Divisoria!
This ham recipe only uses five ingredients!  With such few components, what could possibly make this recipe so special? The secret is time! Salting your meat beforehand, marinating for more than one night, and the long syrup-reduction process ensures that the meat is tender ...

The Easiest Appetizers To Make For The Holidays

Start your Noche Buena right with these easy recipes.
Hosting a party for Christmas? Waiting for midnight to have your Noche Buena? Bookmark these easy appetizers—the dishes are as delicious as your showstopping mains: You already have the ingredients for this delicious cheese dip! All you need to buy is some crackers ...

All the Queso De Bola Recipes You Need This Christmas

Use queso de bola's unique, deep, cheesy flavor for appetizers, main courses, or desserts!
Christmas brings another opportunity for us to thoroughly enjoy queso de bola. It's a special, intrinsic part of every Noche Buena. We think it’s because it’s like a perfectly wrapped gift with its brilliant red wax sealing the hard, aged, umami-packed, deep yellow-hued cheese when opened. However, if ...

All The Delicious Soups You Can Serve For Noche Buena

Whatever the theme of your Christmas dinner, there's a soup on this list to complement your holiday spread.
Every Noche Buena spread deserves dishes that will make your guests sigh in delight with every bite, and the meat course and the desserts are usually the dishes everyone is looking forward to. However, we think the other courses should be just as delicious, ...

These Are All The Lechon Recipes You Need To Make Noche Buena Extra Special

Because lechon is essential for every Christmas dinner table.
We know how hard it can be to think of what to serve for Noche Buena so we’re here to help you out with a few suggestions. We all know that lechon is always a welcome main course, we think you should ...

We Made Noche Buena Menus That Start at P2,500 + A Shopping List!

These menus guarantee a feast without going over your budget.
There’s a perfect Noche Buena for everyone, no matter what you’re craving or how much your budget. We’ve put together three delicious options for you to choose from and each has our tried and tested recipes, plus a detailed grocery list you can ...

WATCH: How to Make a Delicious Noche Buena Feast in Under 3 Hours

It’s totally doable! We cooked this Noche Buena menu in record time, and so can you.
Nothing beats an elegant table setting filled with food you love for Noche Buena. But when strapped for time, it can be a hassle to put together a special meal when you only have a few hours to prepare. But we’re here to ...

All The Easy Christmas Recipes That Every Home Cook Can Learn and Master Now

These Christmas recipes are easy. Trust us!
Cooking Christmas dinners can be daunting—imagine all the relatives you need to feed! But here’s the thing: holiday dinners don’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. You can throw together a few simple dishes (some can even be prepped days ahead).Here are ...

Crema de Fruta Recipe

Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made up of 3 layers.
Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made up of 3 layers: soft sponge cake, smooth custard, and fruity gelatin. It's often served as part of a noche buena dessert spread, but feel free to whip it up at any time of ...

These Are All The Noche Buena Food Recipes You Need

Here are all the recipes you need to make the best noche buena spread for the holidays!
The night before Christmas is definitely on every Filipino's calendar: this is the night when comfort food meets glamour and feasting is free of judgment. Who doesn’t love noche buena? Here is a round-up of homemade Filipino favorites (because nothing beats homemade!) ...

4 Holiday Food Traditions in the Philippines

What’s Christmas without a few traditions?
A good Filipino Christmas is always rooted in tradition. As soon as the air begins to hum with that unique kind of cheer and excitement, we bring out our parols and belens, and deck our homes with flickering lights.In celebration of the ...
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