Tips to Help You Have the Best Holiday Party

We all need a little help, especially during Christmas season.
We all love a good holiday feast. We love getting together with friends and family to celebrate the food, joy and love that the season brings. What we don’t really love, though, is the stress that hosting a festive holiday feast can ...

Steamed Fish With Mayonnaise (Pescao en Mayonesa) Recipe

The delicate flavor of the steamed fish is complemented by the trio of hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish, and carrots.
The wonderful colors of this dish will instantly brighten up your table. The delicate flavor of the steamed fish is perfectly complemented by the classic topping trio of hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish, and carrots. ...

Spanish-Style Chicken Rice

Inspired by Spanish flavors, this may seem intimidating to make but it's easy! Put it all into the pan and wait for the rice to cook.
Inspired by Spanish flavors—paella, chorizo, and saffron. Once you put all the ingredients into the pan, all you have to do is wait for the rice to cook. The bright bursts of color add a wow factor, instantly making it look grand ...

Sausages and Grapes

This is a dish Margarita Fores learned from Signora Jo Bettojashen, when she studied in Rome.
Salsicce All'Uva, Italian for Sausages and Grapes, was a dish Margarita Fores learned from one of the Italian signoras she studied with in Rome, Signora Jo Bettoja. The recipe appears in her book, Italian Cooking in the Grand Tradition. ...

Easy Bibingka

Craving for bibingka? Whip it up at home with our quick and easy take on this Filipino favorite.
Craving for bibingka? Whip it up at home with our quick and easy take on this Filipino favorite. ...

Chicken and Seafood Paella

It's as easy as turning on your rice cooker!
Cooking paella may seem intimidating, but with our simplified version, it's as easy as turning on your rice cooker!  ...

Chicken Galantina

Pair this traditional Christmas dish with a delicious gravy instead.
This stuffed chicken dish is usually served during parties and may be eaten cold. It's usually filled witn minced meat, cold cuts, olives, pickles, eggs, or bell pepper. This version is paired with gravy. To save time, you can buy deboned chicken ...

Chicken Breast Relleno

For urban dwellers who live in cozy condominium units, this mini relleno recipe is perfect!
This can be prepared ahead of time and baked when needed. ...

Noche Buena Favorites: All the Recipes You Need

Here are all the recipes you need to make the best noche buena spread for the holidays!
The night before Christmas is definitely on every Filipino's calendar: this is the night when comfort food meets glamour and feasting is free of judgement. Who doesn’t love noche buena? Here is a round-up of homemade Filipino favorites (because nothing beats homemade!) ...

Move Over, Christmas Ham! Beef Pastrami is Here

Make this juicy beef pastrami the star of your dinner spread.
Here’s an idea for this year’s Christmas centerpiece: juicy, tasty beef pastrami. Karla Reyes of The Plaza introduced this New York-style, hot-and-juicy wonder after her culinary stint in the United States, and it has been a best-seller on their menu ever since.You ...

This Is One of Our Most Popular Dessert Recipes

It's perfect for the holidays!
This gelatin dessert easily brings on the good vibes—the bright rainbow colors of the gelatin squares are festive, fun, and taste like fruit-flavored candy. An easy hack to making this Filipino dessert favorite? You can use store-bought jelly instead of making multiple ...

WATCH: 3 Easy Glazes for Your Holiday Ham

Impress guests and make store-bought ham more festive with these simple homemade glaze recipes.

Holiday Hacks: 5 Things You Should Do the Day Before Christmas

Here are tips for a stress-free Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
We made a quick day-before-Christmas party checklist for all the nervous Heads of Noche Buena out there! These holiday hacks make entertaining much easier. 1 Take out your tableware, linens, and decor a day before. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off another ...

Roast Chicken with Sausage Stuffing Recipe

This simply seasoned roast chicken is tasty!
Reserve this festive chicken recipe for special occasions! Chestnuts can be bought in the supermarket already pre-peeled. Feel free to use these as needed. This simply seasoned roast chicken is tasty, and served with this sweet and savory stuffing, is a meal ...

Bone-in Chinese Ham Recipe

The smoky taste pairs well with the flavors of the fruity compote.
Game to make your own ham for the holidays? For bold and intense flavor, choose bone-in, woodchip-smoked ham. The smoky taste pairs well with the equally assertive flavors of the fruity compote. Round it out with soft and mild kesong puti or ...

Say Goodbye to Holiday Stress! Do These 5 Things This Month to Prep for Christmas

SOS: Hoard packs of all-purpose cream before the grocery runs out of 'em!
Christmas—specifically Christmas in the Philippines, is definitely the most hectic time of the year. Super-sized party dishes are served, holiday songs are played in every mall and supermarket that you walk into, and titos and titas from abroad come over to tell ...
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