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Taiwanese Minced Pork Recipe

This salty, sweet recipe from Taiwan is easy to make!
This is a popular Taiwan household recipe. Just like the giniling na baboy recipe, it's an easy recipe that only takes minutes to put together! Plus, it's super tasty! Known locally as lu rou fan, this ground pork rice bowl is made flavorful with the ...

Pad See Ew (Indonesian Noodles) Recipe

Asian stir fried noodles are not all the same.
This isn't Pad thai! This is the Indonesian version of that popular stir-fried noodle dish. The main difference is the sauce ingredients. Where the pad Thai uses tamarind as its sour ingredient, the pad see ew uses simple vinegar to give it that tangy, savory taste.  ...

Sambal Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

This quick-cooking chicken recipe is spiced with an Indonesian chili paste.
If you love siling labuyo and what it does to your taste buds, you'll love this Indonesian chili sauce tossed with chicken fillet chunks. Also known as sambal sauce or sambal oelek, this chili sauce is a flavorful mixture of not just chili peppers. It ...

Thai Ginger Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

If you need a fast and easy chicken recipe that's loaded with flavor, try this.
Stir-fried recipes are some of the fastest cooking dishes you can cook. The hard part of making any stir-fried dish is really the prep. That's because you need to slice, dice, and chop your ingredients until these are either all the same size or length ...

Easy Indian Chicken Curry Recipe

A great-tasting curry can be easy to cook.
Indian curry is supremely delicious. It's loaded with so many spices it's hard to figure out exactly what spices were used and in what amounts! That secret is usually known only by the curry powder maker.Curries in India can vary from one region to ...

Hong Kong-Style Beef Brisket Recipe

You can serve this in two different ways.
Hong Kong is known for its beef brisket. It's a must-try for those who visit the city! If you're curious how this delicious and iconic dish tastes and make it at home, here's an easy recipe that mimics the flavors you're looking for. Plus, we give ...

Vietnamese Coconut and Sago Recipe (Che Chuoi)

This Asian pudding is made with coconut, sago, bananas, sesame, and peanuts.
You'll enjoy this pudding! It's made with sago pearls and saba bananas cooked in a sweetened coconut sauce and topped with an earthy warm sprinkle of crushed roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. Called che chuoi in Vietnamese, it's a banana pudding recipe made totally Asian. Eat it ...

Indian Pork Curry Recipe

This pork stew recipe is loaded with spices to give you the best flavor.
Curry powder comes in many flavors. The main ingredients of typical curry powder can include the ground spices turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dried chili, peppercorns, dried garlic, dried onion, and dried ginger. The components of curry powders typically change in India according to where you are! ...

Easy Korean Pork and Onion Dumplings Recipe

You only need five ingredients for these Korean dumplings.
Korea's influence over our love for food hasn't stopped! From their version of the fried rice called the bibimbap to the incredibly crunchy bites you get from their double-fried chicken recipes, we know that there is more to the cuisine that we can fall in love ...

Nasi Goreng Recipe

This appetizing plate of fried rice is your all-in-one meal!
This all-in-one fried rice meal is an Indonesian recipe. Translated to mean "fried rice", this stir fry is really just a fried rice recipe that mixes your ulam and rice into one meal. What makes this impressively different in flavor from other fried rice ...

Corn Pudding (Che Bap) Recipe

This is your mango sago made savory with corn.
Sweet corn kernels are usually associated with savory dishes but if you love this when made into a dessert, such as when made into maja blanca or the mais con yelo,  you need to try this Asian dessert recipe, too. Che bap, or sweet corn ...

Easy Bakso (Beef Balls) Recipe

This is the beef version of the Indonesian street food.
There is something homey, delicious, and comforting when you eat fish balls. This street food is everywhere in the metro, especially during merienda time. If you love all those balls you eat as street food, then you'll love that these meatballs are made of beef. Similar to the ...
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