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Parasite Fans, This New Cup Noodles Combines Chapagetti + Neoguri Ramen In One Bowl

You don't need to buy the two instant noodles separately anymore!
If you’ve watched the film Parasite, you probably, at some point, wanted to try that iconic ram-don Mrs. Park (Cho Yeo-jeong) requested during that eventful rainy night. For those who recreated it at home, did you have a hard time finding the two ...

This Curry Ramyun Is A Combination Of Japanese Curry And Ramen

This isn’t your typical ramen.
Japanese curry isn’t anywhere near as spicy as Indian or Thai curry, as the Japanese don’t use as many spices in the thick, sweet, and umami-packed sauce. As with most curries, the Japanese version pairs well with white rice, but it can ...
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