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This Chicken + Waffles Plate Will Make You Forget About Rice

It's an unusual but delicious pairing!
There are countless ways Filipinos enjoy juicy fried chicken. We can eat with rice, pancit, eat it as is, or pair it with a mug of ice-cold beer. A not so common fried chicken pairing concept for Filipinos? Chicken with waffles. Nono’s ...

You Can Treat Dad to a Free Cake This Father's Day

Now you know where you can take him!
Ah, dads. There were many points in our lives when they had our back, even without us having to ask them. It's high time we treat them back, and Nono's just made it easy. From June 14 to 16, spend at least P1,200 ...

This Chef Turned Her Home-Based Business into a Restaurant

Learn from the pros: you can turn your home-based business into the restaurant of your dreams.
Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto’s calm, classy, and charming disposition, which also reflects the feel of her well-known bake shop, Classic Confections, and newly-opened restaurant, Nono’s, will make it hard to believe that she went through the throngs of baking and selling cakes from ...
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