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You Can Now Satisfy Your Cream-O Premium Cravings For Only P17!

You don't have to spend more than a hundred bucks.
Was Cream-O Premium part of your childhood? It still is one of those nostalgic snacks for a lot of '90s kids. If you don't want to buy the hexagon-shaped box of Cream-O Premium, did you know you can enjoy this chocolate treat by the ...

This Online Shop Has Your Fave Childhood Snacks From The '90s

Your old photos aren't the only thing you can post on #ThrowbackThursdays!
A big part of anyone's childhood includes snacks they grew up with. These are the snacks that you asked your parents to buy for you, the snacks that you bought from the sari-sari store near your school with your allowance, the snacks that you ...

OMG, This HUGE Pack Of Tootsie Rolls Is Available In This Supermarket

There are 760 pieces of Tootsie Rolls in this bag.
Are Tootsie Rolls a sweet part of your childhood? These chewy chocolate-flavored taffy-like candies are the type of nostalgic treat that some find hard to outgrow. If you want a pack of Tootsie Roll that can last you (and the entire household) for ...

Yes, Butter Ball Ice Cream Exists And We Know Where You Can Buy A Tub Of It!

This will make you feel like a kid again!
Most Pinoy kids grew up gobbling piece after piece of Peter's Butter Ball candy during recess—or, heck, while the teacher wasn't looking during class. Its sweet, salty, buttery profile is unlike any other candy, and we still find ourselves craving it to this ...

'90s Kids, We Know Where You Can Get Nestle's Twin Pops!

How nostalgic!
Summer is the time to eat as many frozen desserts as you can, and no one will (or should) judge you. If you’re a '90s kid who frequented sari-sari stores or anticipated ice cream vendors to pass by your house, you are probably ...
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