5 Decadent Chocolate Desserts to Sink Your Teeth Into

From toaster oven-friendly cookies to rich lava cake, we've got all your chocolate needs covered!
For the chocolate lovers that need chocolate as much the air you breathe: we get you. Chocolate in the kitchen is a lot of fun—mix it into your desserts, tuck it in between the layers of your breakfast bread pudding, or slather ...

Nutella Loaf Cake Recipe

Both cake and buttercream gets a boost in flavor from the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread.
There's no doubt that Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread, is delicious. This easy cake makes good use of it in both the cake and the easy buttercream that's slathered on top. There's no easy way to resist this! ...

WATCH: This Cheesecake Has A Double Dose Of Nutella In It

Nutella + cheesecake + more Nutella = party in your mouth
Nutella is a popular chocolate spread that, instead of finely ground peanuts, has finely ground hazelnuts stirred into it. Paired with chocolate, it's a divinely delicious spread that has won many dessert-loving hearts around the world. Did you know that hazelnuts are also known as filberts? Allegedly, hazelnuts are ...
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