My Lola's Cure to Homesickness: Making Hot Pandesal in Cold Canada

For this lola, her family, and many other homesick immigrants like her, pandesal is the taste of home.
“Parang ang sarap ng pandesal,” a daughter baits.“Oo nga,” another daughter chimes in. This always happened around that time, late at night, the rest of the city drifting into sleep, someone suddenly starts craving for something soft, sweet, warm, and familiar."Bili ka na sa bakery,” their mother gives one of ...

OFWs in Japan: Home Is Where the Sinigang Is

Their secret to homesickness is all in their pantries.
“Yung sinigang namin, sobrang asim saka sobrang anghang (“Our sinigang is super sour and super spicy”)," Grace Bernadas boasts, further pointing out that we probably couldn’t handle it. It was her favorite food in the world—that particular rich sinigang, in that special way ...

Filipino Food Keeps My Mom's Memory Alive in NYC

There's comfort and joy in sinigang, adobo, binagoongan, leche flan, halabos na hipon, and big handaans.
Soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic—these three pillars make adobo so delicious but also so pungent. Opening my Tupperware of adobo released its strong aroma that wafted and swirled all around me. I stuck out like a sore thumb among my friends, whose ...
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