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This Couple Started A Burger Biz For Just P10K And Now It Has 8 Branches

A family recipe, a dream, and the desire to offer simple, good burgers catapult this couple's business to success.
Roy Carlo Villegas had a simple dream: to launch a startup burger business.As there were no gourmet burger shops in Calamba, Laguna back in 2015, Roy felt this presented the perfect opportunity. "Sabi ng wife ko, 'Why not pursue it?'" Roy tells the ...

These Friends Invested P6K And Now Earn P200K Monthly From Their Mobile Café Biz

Armed with patience and passion, these young entrepreneurs are set on delighting coffee lovers all over the country.
When Laoag-based friends Carl Jasper Ardan, Maryvan Abella, and Vincent Calimag thought of starting their own business during the pandemic, they instantly thought of making coffee, being big fans themselves of the beverage.With Maryvan still in college, the three decided they needed ...

This 26-Year-Old Pinay Earns P100k+ Monthly From Her Korean BBQ + Cafe, Charcoal Business, And More

Did you know there's such a thing as sustainable charcoal?
MJ Loleng is not your average 26-year-old. That's because unlike most of her peers, she's earning six-digit figures monthly.Just like her peers, MJ applied for a job after graduating from college. But when the start-up she was working at failed, she felt ...

This Burger Buns Business Started With A Capital Of P5-10K, Now Earns P30K Per Day

This business is solving the snack problems of busy employees and motorists, one flavorful bun at a time.
Great businesses solve problems, and that's exactly what Operations Manager John Ryan Pangilinan and his team thought of when they came up with their product, Burger Bomb."Iniisip namin, ano ba yung puwede naming i-offer sa ating mga nagtatrabaho on their laptops or ...

This Fishball Sauce Business Earns P30K A Week

She used her love for the Pinoy street food to start the business.
For as long as Tin Clemente-Dionglay could remember, she had always been a big fan of Pinoy street food, particularly fishballs. This is why she thought it was odd that she couldn't find fishball sauce in the malls.Putting matters into her own ...

This Pinay-At-Heart Gets Her Groceries By Dumpster Diving In Finland

Julie Forsberg Belleza shares how dumpster diving is a blessing for her and her family in Finland.
When we think about food, we certainly don't associate it with garbage bins.Not for 36-year-old Julie Forsberg Belleza, though. In fact, she's been dumpster diving for a while now and has even been documenting it on her YouTube channel.Although Julie does not ...

OFW Builds Vegetable Garden in Italy, Earns PHP120K Extra Income

Get inspired by Lino Mandigma's buhay abroad success story!
Italy is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, particularly among the wealthy and those interested in arts and culture. It is also, coincidentally, one of the most sought-after places for Filipinos seeking jobs overseas.In Italy, the majority of OFWs work as ...

This Pinay Started A Cafe Franchise With A Capital of Only P6,000

From an online business to a thriving franchise, Anna Magalona’s But First, Coffee is an inspiring story of hard work and perseverance.
Anna Magalona was comfortable in her job as a credit and finance solutions manager in a software company in Makati, but when COVID-19 hit, it made her question a lot of things. She knew that she needed a backup plan in case ...

This Farmer Is Also An Advertising Agency CEO

Going back to basics has great benefits to a person’s creativity.
The fast life can be exhausting and overwhelming. Especially if you work in an industry where you constantly need to be creative. “‘Yung farming kasi, believe it or not, it’s relaxing,” Third Domingo told Summit OG in an exclusive interview. Domingo is the ...

Stressed? Unwind In This Quaint Coffee Shop In Pangasinan Right In The Middle Of A Rice Field

Looking for fresh air and good coffee?
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, no one thought it would last as long as it did. Almost two years in and it doesn’t seem like the virus would be going away any time soon.The uncertainty of it all has led a lot ...
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