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This Is The Best Kind Of Oil For Baking

Choose the right oil for baking.
Oil is probably one of the most common ingredients most kitchens will have. It's used to fry, to saute, to stir fry, to brush on, and is even used as an ingredient in baking.   In cooking, it has many applications but in baking, it is ...

Here's When You Can Use Oil Instead Of Butter In Baking Recipes

Read the ingredients list to find out.
Butter, along with flour, eggs, and sugar, is one of the main ingredients in many baking recipes. It's essential in cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, and even some bread recipes such as the pandesal.  Butter has many uses in the kitchen beyond baking, too. ...

These Are The Kinds Of Oil You Can Use In Baking

You have to choose the kind that tastes right.
Oil is one kitchen staple that can be used for both cooking and baking. For baking, it commonly replaces butter, shortening, or even lard in some cases but not always. When it comes to oils, there are many kinds that you can buy on the market. ...

Vegan Oil-Based Pasta Recipe

If you want to lessen your meat intake, this dish is for you.
Try cooking this versatile, meat-free meal! ...

Here's How To Use Sesame Oil In The Kitchen

This super aromatic oil will and can transform dishes.
Anyone who has tasted a dish with sesame oil will know instantly that it's present. The aroma that wafts from the dish alone is super appetizing so when you take a bite, it's super apparent that there is a little if not ...

To Grease Or Not To Grease: How To Master This Baking Step

What it means and when you should do it.
Some recipes can get tricky: you are almost always told to preheat the oven but sometimes, you’re not told to grease the cake pan or to even line the bottom with parchment paper. So, how do you know if you should or ...
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