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It's Confirmed: Plant-Based "SPAM" Will Be Available In The Philippines

We have to wait a bit longer, though.
Last week, Omnifoods announced that it has launched a plant-based luncheon meat and is currently available in Hong Kong. If you’ve been looking for meat alternatives and healthier food while in the middle of a pandemic, there’s good news: the "Omnipork Luncheon” will be ...

A Plant-Based Version of "SPAM" Now Exists Due To The Global Pandemic

A vegan-friendly luncheon meat? Believe it!
According to a report by Plant Based News, a new vegan “SPAM” exists. This guilt-free luncheon meat is called the “Omnipork Luncheon,”  which is now available in Hong Kong and will soon roll out this summer in other markets. David Yeung, the founder ...
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