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Tex-Mex Chili Pasta Recipe

This pasta recipe is refreshingly simple!
Italian and Mexican cuisines meet in this satisfying one-pan pasta recipe. Serve this pasta with tortilla chips or toasted flour tortilla wedges on the side. ...

One-Pan Seafood and Tomato Pasta Recipe

You can make this entire pasta recipe in one pan! It is the ultimate time-saver.
You can make an entire pasta meal in one pan! It is the ultimate time-saver. Take advantage of the fresh seafood available in your local markets by preparing this flavor packed dish. If you can’t find kesong puti, you can use any other ...

One-Pan Clam Pasta Recipe

This is an easy seafood pasta recipe!
This one-pan clam pasta recipe is delicious in its simplicity. Feeling adventurous? Get creative by adding bacon, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil leaves. ...

One-Pan Lasagna Recipe

Make this fuss-free lasagna recipe using only one pan!
If you find cooking lasagna too tedious, then you’ll love this fuss-free, simplified one-pan version! ...
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