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Homemade Chicken Balls And Corn Sopas Recipe

This meaty sopas gets hearty and delicious with chicken balls and corn.
Sopas may just be the ultimate comfort food! It's the bowl of soup that you savored every chilly day, the spoonful you sipped when you didn't feel well, and the super delicious flavor that reminds you of home and your childhood. Every chicken sopas recipe ...

My Lola Taught My Mom This Extra Creamy One-Pot Pasta Dish

It's a pasta dish that reminds me of my lola.
For me, pasta was always cooked in boiling water before being added to the pasta sauce or plated before being topped with the sauce.That isn’t the case for the timbal, a tomato cream pasta dish. It’s all cooked in one pot and ...

These 4 One-Pot Pasta Recipes Are Your Time-Saving Meal Solvers

These recipes will solve your rush-hour meal dilemmas.
When you’re left with little time to prepare a meal, you have little choice when it comes to what you will be putting on the table. You’re either forced to order delivery–if you can wait for it to arrive—or cook something simple ...

Bacon and Tomato One-Pot Pasta Recipe

No clean up necessary!
One-pot dishes make home cooking extra easy. This pasta recipe will let the pasta soak up all the broth and the flavor in it. Beat 3 eggs and stir in pasta while hot for an easy carbonara version. ...

Spiced Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice

The spiced chicken is a one-pot dish that’s perfect for busy bees.
The spiced chicken is a one-pot dish that’s perfect for busy bees. Just add all the ingredients, simmer, and let the beautiful flavors of the spices infuse the chicken. This tasty chicken recipe is easy to make and full of flavors from ...
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