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This Is The Secret To The Crispiest Onion Rings

There's an ingredient that makes it extra crispy.
The secret to cooking crispy onion rings is actually not a big secret. In fact, you may already know it. The thing is you may be omitting the ingredient. We don't blame you. With everyone leading busier and busier lives, skipping a step or ...

WATCH: These Crunchy Onion Rings + Sriracha Mayo Dip are the Perfect Holiday Appetizers!

The super crunchy and tender onions rings come alive with the tangy, sweet and spicy dip!
You can make onion rings right at home! This isn’t like any onion rings you’ve had though. Marinating the onions in buttermilk gives you tender onions without the spicy aftertaste that lingers way beyond its due. The double coating of crispy breadcrumbs ensures crispiness ...

Beer-Battered Fish and Onion Rings Recipe

The secret to getting light, crunchy fish and onion rings? Beer batter!
Beer batter fries into light, crisp treats if you do it right! Remember to season your flour generously and to practice general deep-frying safety precautions. Cold beer works best for making deep-fry batter, so fry your fish and onion rings right away!  ...

How to Make Super-easy Gravy

Make gravy from scratch in less than 15 minutes, tops!
.Serve this with your steaks, mashed potatoes, even French fries! Photography by Miguel Nacianceno | Demonstration by Giannina Gonzalez of Center for Asian Culinary Studies Culinary School | Styling by Angelo Comsti ...
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