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WATCH: How To Make Cookies And Cream Pastillas

Pastillas is made even better with cookie crumbs!
The pastillas is a milky candy that was originally made by mixing fresh carabao milk and sugar together and then simmering this sweet mixture until sticky and incredibly thickened. The resulting dough was then formed into balls and rolled in more sugar. The classic pastillas candy is already addictive! ...

Oreos + Red Velvet Cake Will Be Your New Favorite Cookie

You need to grab these limited-edition cookies before it's gone!
Do you love Oreos? And red velvet-flavored desserts? If you said "yes" to both then the limited edition Oreo Red Velvet cookies are just what you need. That vibrant red color is one of the ways you will know at a glance that these are not ...

All The Oreo-Inspired Recipes You Need In Your Life

Being an adult means getting to enjoy your childhood favorites in more exciting ways.
What is it about Oreos that makes it so childhood-defining? Was it the barrage of commercials enticing kids to twist, lick, and dunk? Or was it the rich dark cocoa cookies with just the right amount of creamy sweetness in the middle?Oreos ...

WATCH: How To Make Homemade Oreos

This is proof that homemade is just as good as the real thing.
 These homemade sandwich cookies are a real treat! With little time and effort, you'll find that you can have this iconic chocolate sandwich cookie with as much (or as little!) cream filling you want. The wonder of homemade cookies customized to your taste to ...

These Grown-Up Tiramisu-Flavored Oreos Will Make Cookie Fans Happy

Get ready to munch on your new fave cookie.
Your fave chocolate-and-cream cookie gets a grown-up twist: the new Oreo Thins come with more delicate, thinner (and crisper!)cookies and a thinner layer of tiramisu-flavored creme. Sure, you're getting less cream but even fans of the stuffed Oreos will like this version: ...
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