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All The Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets That Helped Us In Quarantine

We've grown to love our time in the kitchen, thanks to these useful helpers.
It's been a year since the community quarantine was declared and the world changed. So has our lives in the kitchen.Despite the restrictions, we found joy and comfort in many things around the house that we might not have normally. Two of these ...

How To Make Fried Chicken Skin Crispy Without Using The Stove

Make food that has become "makunat" crispy and crunchy again.
Crispy fried chicken is always a goal. From dredging chicken pieces in different kinds of flour to steaming it or even boiling it before dunking in hot oil, you can do many things to cook crispy fried chicken.  However, the sad news is that ...

4 Ways Your Toaster Oven Is Better Than Your Regular Oven

It beats using a big oven when doing these tasks!
The oven toaster is the handy mini kitchen appliance that you use when you need to toast pandesal or a bun in the morning. It gets more use if you know how to bake with it! However, apart from learning how to use it ...

Yes, You Can Make Brownies In A Toaster Oven

You can use your toaster oven to make brownies for two.
Oven toasters are the under-appreciated small kitchen appliance in many kitchens. Often, its only function is to toast bread, whether it's a slice of bread, a tall pandesal, or a chunky dinner roll. It's the appliance many also turn to when they have to ...

How To Clean Your Oven Toaster

Learn how to do it right so you can do this regularly.
How often do you clean your kitchen? Weekly? Daily? After every dish is cooked? That's probably how often most of us clean the kitchen, but how often do you clean your appliances? Of all the spots in the kitchen that needs a thorough cleaning, the oven ...

Here's How To Decode Your Oven Settings

Learn what all those icons and numbers mean on your oven.
Are you in the market for a new oven or did you just buy a new oven? If you have, you might want to start learning all there is about using your new oven. There are functions with buttons and dials tha you need to know ...

Here Are The Tips To Using An Oven Toaster vs. Traditional Oven

Using an oven toaster is different from using a traditional oven.
There is a difference when using an oven toaster and a traditional oven. The oven toaster was originally just a small oven with fewer simpler functions. The oven toaster was meant to be the uncomplicated way of getting toast made every morning. A regular toaster or ...

Did You Know There's A Mini Oven That Will Fit Right On Your Kitchen Countertop?

Small and cute appliance? Add to cart!
A concern one always weighs before purchasing any kind of kitchen appliance, especially ovens, is if there's enough kitchen space. If you have little space to work with, you should consider investing in smaller kitchen appliances like Asahi’s mini oven toaster.Asahi’s mini oven toaster (SKU: ...

You Can Make These Dishes In a Toaster Oven in 30 Minutes or Less!

Quick and fancy bites brought to you by the humble toaster oven!
Who says fancy dinners need fancy kitchen appliances and a lot of time? All you need is a toaster oven! If you don’t already have one, it’s a great investment for less than a thousand pesos. These aren’t your regular lazy-night dinners, ...

5 Other Great Things You Can Do With Your Toaster Oven

It's not just for toasting bread.
Ah, the humble toaster oven. It’s probably one of the most ubiquitous—and affordable—appliances sitting on your kitchen counter. But are you still just using it to toast your pan de sal (or at best, homemade pizza)? There are other ways to maximize this popular ...

There's a Toaster Oven for Every Kind of Budget

There are toasters under P1,000!
Oven toasters are as common in the Pinoy kitchen as stoves. That’s because it’s usually our first introduction to an oven. It easily heats up your morning pandesal, monay, and crisps up leftover pizza better than a microwave. And because it is ...
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