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Steamed Talong Recipe with Ground Pork

Oyster sauce makes this eggplant and ground pork dish even tastier.
You don't need much to make even the most simple vegetable and meat dish more flavorful. Here, this eggplant is simply steamed together with the ground pork in a sauce boosted in flavor with oyster sauce.  ...

Why You Should Be Cooking With Oyster Sauce More

Whether it’s a stir-fry or a fried dish, you can make it taste even more delicious with this umami-packed ingredient.
Oyster sauce is a delicious condiment made from simmered oysters and other seasonings to create a sauce that’s packed with flavor. It’s an essential ingredient in Chinese cooking and is widely-used in modern Philippine cuisine, too. Whether you’re making a Chinese dish or an ...

Stir-fried Tofu with Oyster Sauce Recipe

This tofu recipe comes together in a few minutes. Super easy!
Add veggies and a flavorful oyster sauce to make this tofu dish more hefty and delicious.  ...

Steamed Beef with Oyster Sauce Recipe

This Oriental beef dish is light and healthy!
When it comes to healthy cooking, steaming is top of mind. The heat of the steam cooks food quickly, helping preserve nutrients. ...

Chicken with Oyster Sauce Recipe

This chicken dish has savory and umami flavors!
This chicken dish is a pretty easy one: sauteed chicken fillets are paired with a savory umami sauce made with oyster sauce. This is perfect for quick meals on a weeknight! ...

Honey Ginger Chicken

This sweet-spicy chicken recipe can be prepared ahead of time.
You can prepare this dish ahead of time by deep-frying the chicken until it’s half-cooked. Keep it in the freezer and when ready to cook, thaw out chicken, fry completely until golden and mix with sauce. ...

Sotanghon-wrapped Prawns with Tomato-Aligue Sauce

The thin, delicate vermicelli wrapped around the prawns provides a fanciful touch and a delightful chewy texture. Prepare this recipe of Sotanghon-wrapped Prawns with Tomato-Aligue Sauce. This innovative dish proves the versatility of noodles! ...

Stir-fried Beef in Garlic Oyster Sauce Recipe

A fast, filling meal with beef.
Need a meal in minutes? Try this stir fried beef dish! It's fast, filling, and a full meal too! Yummy will guide you on how to make this juicy and delicious beef recipe in 3 easy steps! ...
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