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The Meatiest Dishes For Your Packed Lunch

Meaty baon can be so satisfying!
The best packed lunches are those that leave us filling satisfied and happy. For that, meaty dishes fit the bill. We have loads of pork and beef recipes that are loaded with punchy meaty flavor which you can use when thinking about your ...

These Easy Chicken Recipes Can Be Made Ahead Of Time!

They're great for baon!
You can’t go wrong with chicken. Everyone has a taste for chicken. It’s lean, flavorful, and can be made into so many different dishes. More than that, chicken, when prepped ahead, and packed for lunch, can be your glimpse of sunshine in ...

Baon Suggestion: We Have Easy And Delicious Pork Chop Recipes

Have breezy, flavorful lunches all week long.
Pork chops are your perfect baon for the whole week because apart from being quick-cooking, it’s consistently delicious! Here are a few ideas: Everyone needs a little motivation on Mondays. Wrapping anything in bacon will instantly make everything better.These crunchy pork chops are absolutely ...

Make Your Chicken Baon Exciting With These 5 Easy-To-Make Sauces

Eating chicken everyday has never been this exciting.
One easy and delicious way to prepare a week's worth of baon is to cook your meats on Sunday all in one go. Nobody likes eating the same thing the whole week though, so why not prepare different sauces to dress up ...

5 Delicious Baon-Worthy Takes on the Chicken Sandwich

You can have chicken sandwiches every day of the week!
Everybody loves chicken, and for good reason. Widely available, affordable, and easy to cook, you can always depend on chicken to be a filling, delicious meal. Turn it into chicken sandwiches and you have something perfect for lunch as baon or as a ...

You Can Make These Tasty Beef & Cheese Flautas for Baon Ahead of Time!

Make baon prep extra easy with make-ahead recipe.
Eating lunch at school or work can often mean that you either spend too much money or you wind up with a disappointing meal. With a little prep, you can have delicious, quality meals without the early morning hassle. Flautas are a Mexican ...

Make Baon Prep Stress-Free With These Meal Kits

These meal kits are coming to your rescue.
We all know that we want to make delicious, made-from-scratch meals. But when pressed for time in the morning, making sure that both breakfast and packed lunches are scrumptious and nutritious can be challenging and stressful. This new meal kit is out to ...

WATCH: 5 Baon Combos That Are Easy To Make

Packing your baon has never been this simple and easy!
 Having a hard time thinking of what baon to prepare? Struggle no more with these baon combo ideas that are simple, filling, and easy to prepare. Garlic Rice + Beef Tapa + Atsara White Rice + Breaded Pork Chops + Cabbage SaladHere's a tip: pack ...

Baon on a Budget: One Week of Recipes + a Shopping List

Some dishes cost under P13 per serving!
When it comes to baon, or packed lunches, many things come into play: the meal should be affordable, easy to pack, easy to eat, and should be able to last a few hours tucked away into a brown bag instead of, like ...

5 Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas for the Week

Shop, prep, and pack! Baon has never been easier with these lunch recipes.
Meal prep may be the seemingly unrealistic and unattainable feat that only a few can achieve—but it’s not completely true! Preparing meals can be quick and easy if planned ahead. The great thing about cooking your own baon? You can save yourself ...

A Handy Guide to a Healthy Packed Lunch

With a bit of prep, you can go healthy with your packed meals.
Preparing a complete, nutritious, and tasty packed lunch every day can be very challenging. Here’s a no-fail guide on how to do it: 1 StarchStarches and whole grains are essential in keeping your energy up throughout the whole day. Healthy carbohydrates options ...
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