Top Recipes: Breakfast Wins!

Breakfast seems to be on your minds this week.

Mr. Marketman

Just who is the mystery man behind the famous Market Manila blog? Know here.

Save the Date for Yummy Eats!

You're invited to a cooking and eating fair this May!

You Can Now Have Paella from Arrozeria Manila Delivered to You!

Now you can enjoy stellar paella whenever you want.

Yummy Eats: A Video Recap

We had a blast at Yummy Eats last Saturday so we just had to share this with you.

3 Chopping Methods Every Cook Needs to Master

Learn how to chiffonade, julienne, and slice here.

Reader Tips: The Path to Perfect Paella

Because we all love a bit of yellow rice.


This paella pasta is traditionally from the Valencia region of Spain. The crispy noodles and variety of seafood make this a showstopper—perfect for Sunday lunches with the whole family.

Sardine Paella

Here’s a unique, flavorful (and fuss-free!) paella.

Creamy Rice ala Paella

Try this classic paella recipe with an extra creamy twist!

Tinola Paella

The kick of pepper at the end of each bite takes this humble dish to a different level.

Taba ng Talangka Paella Recipe

This rice and seafood dish is a nod to our Spanish roots.

Spanish-style Paella Recipe

This recipe is a fuss-free paella—it makes use of store-bought, inexpensive paella seasoning— but no less festive.

Seafood Paella Recipe

When preparing paella, use only the best ingredients, from the rice down to the premium real saffron.

Spanish-Style Chicken Rice

Inspired by Spanish flavors, this may seem intimidating to make but it's easy! Put it all into the pan and wait for the rice to cook.

Crustacean Paella Recipe

Impress guests with a classic tomato-based paella loaded with lobster, crab, and prawns.
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