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Sandwich Ideas You Didn't Think To Try

Make your sandwich extra exciting.
Sandwiches are not just for merienda. In fact, sandwiches can be a meal in itself. Don't let sandwiches become just a snack. Make "real meals" out of them! Here are some sandwich combinations for a unique bread experience that's more than just a ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Palaman

The sandwich spread is one of the easiest things you can make.
Palaman or sandwich spreads are easy to make. The easiest "recipes" for these can be as simple as spreading a layer of mayonnaise or peanut butter on a slice of bread. However, if you want to make a good palaman, it has to have certain characteristics to ...

No-Cook Ham and Cheese Palaman Recipe

Mix these ingredients together for a tastier sandwich spread.
Ham and cheese is a combination that is an instant hit! From a simple placing of a slice each of ham and cheese between bread slices, you can amp up the flavor by adding more to the mix. Here, ham is chopped up and the cheese ...

Merienda Will Be More Delicious With This Cheese That Has Bacon Bits In It!

Add it to pandesal, toast, and dig in!
Facts are facts: Most dishes are better with bacon and cheese is better with bacon. For those who want a quick, easy cheesy bacon sandwich, our recent grocery find will make you want to head to the supermarket ASAP!Instead of buying bacon ...

You Can Now Have Nutella All Day, Every Day With The Nutella All Day Breakfast Truck!

Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast?
Why settle for a boring breakfast meal when you can have something sweet? For chocoholics, you can now enjoy Nutella for breakfast now that the Nutella All Day Breakfast Truck is making it's first Southeast Asia stop here in the Philippines!Nutella, a ...

You Need To Stock Up On This Bacon Caramel Cream Cheese Dip

The nori cream cheese dip is a must-try, too.
If you’re looking to add new flavors to your holiday spread or want to give your food-loving friends new stuff to try this Christmas season, add this Bacon Caramel Cream Cheese dip to your shopping list.Sweet, salty, and creamy with crunch from ...

Make Merienda With These Easy Palaman Recipes

You don't need much time to make these delicious spreads.
Palaman or sandwich spreads are not meant to be hard to make! In fact, sandwich spreads are mostly no-cook recipes since the meats are either already cooked or canned and ready to eat. From canned tuna to leftover roasted chicken that you either slice or shred, ...

Easy Egg Salad on Toast Recipe

Boil eggs and toss with a few ingredients for a hearty sandwich filling.
There's something very simple about making hard-boiled eggs. What makes it hard and intimidating for some is the fact that a seemingly simple recipe can go very wrong within a minute. One minute too long in the boiling water can mean the smelly gray circle ...

No-Cook Homemade Tuna Cheese Spread Recipe

You can make this easy spread better, tastier at home.
There's no reason to grab the ready-made version of a tuna cheese spread when you can make a better, tastier version at home using a few simple ingredients that you don't even have to cook. That's one of the best reasons why this is ...

Creamy Tuna And Cucumber Sandwich Spread Recipe

This easy tuna palaman is a fast and easy sandwich filling.
This no-cook creamy palaman recipe is made with canned tuna and mayonnaise stuffed into bread slices with cucumbers. It's perfect for days you just need something light and tasty and definitely easy to put together to satisfy those hunger pangs quickly.   ...
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