Four Different Diets You Can Try This Year

Which of these four diets would you like to try?
The New Year means people resolving to “go on a diet” to lose those extra holiday pounds. Come February, the average person falls back into old habits, likely because whatever changes one tried to make aren’t sustainable. It may be that the ...

Meet The New 2019 Diet Trend: The Pegan Diet

This could possibly be the next diet trend this 2019!
A brand-new year brings new opportunities to make better, healthier lifestyle choices. In 2018, the keto diet was the "trendy diet" people tried. According to trend reports by Pinterest, the Pegan diet is poised to take the spotlight this 2019.What is the Pegan diet? ...

Here's Where to Get Healthy Desserts for Noche Buena

Don't let diets stop anyone from enjoying dessert!
Dessert can be the best part of any meal, especially this Christmas. Whether it’s digging into a delicious cake, orbiting into delicious cookies, celebrating togetherness with delightful sweets are priceless experiences everyone deserves. If you're watching your sugar intake, you don't have ...
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