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Do You Miss Melon Milk? Here's Where You Can Order It

Sweet, fruity, and creamy. What’s not to like?
A lot of our favorite childhood snacks have made a comeback (like the Planters Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls), but there are also ones that have been phased out in the last decade or so. If you're like most and would like to be ...

This Ube + Cheese Ice Cream Pint Only Costs P180

Perfect for your ice cream sandwich!
If food soulmates exist, ube and cheese definitely belong with each other. For those who are big fans of this sweet, earthy, and salty combination, there are tons of trendy desserts that combine these flavors. One that you probably didn't know existed is Pan ...

What To Buy At Pan de Manila Besides Pandesal

Did you know they have avocado ice cream?
It's a no-brainer that one of the things you should buy at Pan de Manila is their pandesal and consider yourself lucky if you chance upon a freshly baked batch of bread. But if you take an extra five or 10 minutes browsing what ...

Look, We Found These New Fruity Desserts At Pan De Manila!

On your next trip to Pan De Manila to buy pandesal, make sure to check these out.
For those who don’t look beyond Pan de Manila’s bread, pastries, and bottled goods sections, this bread shop is an underrated place to get the fruity, healthy-ish popsicles and pints of ice cream at an incredibly affordable price. The latest additions to their frozen ...

LIST: All The Yema Desserts Worth Getting Delivered Right Now

Shop pastries and cakes dripping with this popular Pinoy custard.
Yema is a classic ingredient when it comes to Filipino desserts. The egg yolk-based custard, likely originating from the Spanish era, has a sweet, creamy, and at this point, distinctly Pinoy flavor. It's versatile enough to be used as a frosting, filling, ...

LIST: Bottled Milk Tea To Quench Your Cravings

Is this quarantine making you crave milk tea, too?
What happens when milk tea, your ultimate comfort food, isn’t available to comfort you during these trying times? Well, there are still options readily available in convenience stores that you should consider. One, you can make your own milk tea, but a much, ...

OMG, This Delicious Ube Halaya-Filled Bun Is Only P45!

It comes in Coco, Yema, and Spanish bread flavors, too!
Pan de Manila is known for a wide selection of delicious breads you can enjoy anytime, any day. But on your next visit to Pan De Manila, you’ll notice a new selection of breads that you should definitely add to your basket. ...

You Can Now Have Nutella All Day, Every Day With The Nutella All Day Breakfast Truck!

Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast?
Why settle for a boring breakfast meal when you can have something sweet? For chocoholics, you can now enjoy Nutella for breakfast now that the Nutella All Day Breakfast Truck is making it's first Southeast Asia stop here in the Philippines!Nutella, a ...

Pan De Manila Came Out With Their Own Mango Float And You Need To Try It

It's only P55!
For the past few years, Pan De Manila has been slowly expanding their menu items apart from their classic panaderia favorites by introducing refreshing desserts like ice cream and fruit popsicles. Pan De Manila just added more refreshing desserts with their take on the fruity float trend: their Mango ...

Get Your Popsicle Fix at Pan de Manila

They have dragon fruit, fruit salad, and kiwi-flavored popsicles!
It’s the most unlikely place to get fruit popsicles but Pan de Manila now sells fruit popsicles if you’re in the mood for an iced treat. The popsicles are made of real fruit chunks, fruit juice, and coconut milk. The popsicles lean ...
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